Wonder hounds

Wonder Hounds by NextGen – An Exciting Casino Online Game

When you’re looking for an exciting new mobile slot, you might want to check out the new slot game, Wonder Hounds by NextGen. Its sleek and intuitive design will make playing it easy no matter what device you use. You can choose between the Bet Up and Bet Down icons on the North and South sides of the game. In addition, the Autoplay and Menu icons will let you choose from 0 to 100 automatic spins. You can also view the paytable. And when you do win, you’ll see the Wonder Hounds animating as you wait for the winning combination.

Wonder Hounds is a fun game, with stakes ranging from 0.25 to 250 per spin. The bonus feature can bring a win of up to 6,000 times your stake, but you’ll need patience as the free spins feature has a low hit frequency. However, the free spins feature is an excellent way to turn an almost-certain loss into a win. As such, you can expect to be rewarded with at least two free spins in a single round.

The game is simple to play and is suited for players with minimal technical skills. The three dog-themed symbols on the five-reel slot are aviator dog Ace, Japanese wolf-dog Jinse, and British hound Winchester. You can also expect to see a number of dog-related symbols on the reels, including dog bones and bowls, and the Wild symbol. This symbol can also transform itself into a wild symbol.

The Wonder Hounds slot is based on the Chinese zodiac, which honors dogs for their loyalty and companionship. The Chinese consider dogs to be auspicious creatures that bring good luck to their homes. In fact, this Chinese slot game is full of dog characters, including Winchester the bloodhound, Jinse the Papillon, and Ace the Alsatian. Its background music and visuals are both fantastic and will leave you enthralled.

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