Spirit of aztec

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The world view of the Aztecs conceded a small part to humans, but they submitted the destiny of humankind to the gods, including tonalpohualli, the calendrical round. According to this vision, life in the other world was not based on moral judgment. They believed that the purpose of life was to protect the gods, and thus, fight for them to protect the order of the world. They practiced witchcraft, and their lives were dominated by witchcraft. As a result, Aztec civilization was not without its share of dynamism.

Another aspect of Aztec culture is their reverence for the jaguar, the serpent, and the bells. Jaguars are often associated with war, hunting, and sacrifice. Their bells and talons are symbolic of the sacrifices of human blood. Jaguars were seen as the embodiment of the gods, and their blood was often sacrificed in order to appease them. But Jaguars also had a powerful role in Aztec life.