Hot coins: hold and win

Hot Coins: Hold And Win is a 3 reel classic that really helps punters win with its juicy jackpot-sized prizes because of the colorful coins and rich fruits that will eventually lead towards the big jackpot prize! The dark blue background certainly doesn’t boast much else on it, aside from the dazzling red grid lined in golden yellow containing numerous colored icons including cherries, limes, oranges, plums, watermelons, grapes, and even iced cherries! The artwork on the Hot Coins: Hold And Win’s coin base is in Japanese and features the traditional cherry blossom design. The theme is also accompanied by the characters for which the game is named and which are known for their own specific meanings in the Japanese language. In addition, the jackpot prize that Hot Coins: Hold And Win awards is one of a kind, being the largest ever awarded in the history of the game! In fact, it is also the first casino game to ever be backed by the World Health organization.

As, well as the usual casino game coins and icons that are found on each reel, Hot Coins: Hold And Win incorporates a novel concept of utilizing the same symbols over again, much like the ancient Chinese trading system, in order to win with small rewards. For example, a winning pattern would be made with all the winning icons occurring once per reel. If Hot Coins: Hold And Win were ever to feature more than one pattern in a single reel, then the chances of winning would increase exponentially! Of course, if the pattern had to appear more than once on a single reel, then the actual odds of hitting the jackpot could get very complex. With the numerous patterns that can be employed with this game, then it becomes obvious just how many winning combinations can actually be produced from the mere presence of so many coins in the reels.

One interesting characteristic of Hot Coins: Hold And Win that sets it apart from other slot games is the way that all winning combinations require only one coin from each of the five different categories that make up the winning pattern. In this regard, the game is not really pattern-specific but more of a “pick numbers” type game. Another unique aspect of the game is the feature that three bonus symbols are required in order to activate the winnings portion of the reel. Thus, there is always the opportunity to get more winning combinations with the limited number of bonus symbols. Overall, Hot Coins: Hold And Win provides a unique experience and a fun, addictive game that anyone can enjoy.