Hand of gold

Hand of Gold is a classic casino game. It’s been a favorite with enthusiasts of all ages since its inception. There are few casino games that offer the kind of excitement that this one does. In addition to its fun factor, there’s also the satisfaction that comes with winning. And winning is the point of the game-to make the jackpot bigger and to get lucky enough to get a specific symbol displayed on the reels.

In Hand of Gold, each player gets the same amount of time to play. It generates a Golden Touch feature where it randomly chooses one of the regular symbols (apart from your initial bonus), transforming same symbols into Wilds. With the prospect of up to six Wilds appearing on a single turn, players having an exciting adventure-spinning the reels for as long as they can-can find an opportunity to strike it rich. Players who complete their “Golden Touch” challenge will get the chance to claim the top prize in the “Real Hand of Gold” slot tournament.

Although it’s only a small part of the game, the “real” Hand of Gold has an interesting history, and is a part of the World Wide Web’s most popular slots community, Ever Lounge. The free spins in the bonus symbols aren’t permanent, and are triggered by pressing certain keys. However, there’s still the incentive to go all out and try to claim the biggest prize in the “Real Hand of Gold” tournament. As players work their way through all the bonus spaces, their chances of finding Wild symbols increase. They may then transform their Wild icons into the Golden hand symbols that will win them the jackpot prize.