Book of gold 2: double hit

Book of Gold 2: Double Hit is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad devices. Fans are once again invited to enter into the mysterious world of ancient tombs, scream in joy once again and explore the wonders of two new game fields, once again followed by ten more lines each. You are now even allowed to make your own gold, as gold means nothing in this game, but it is still used for some purpose. The main objective of the game is to hit the other players with a certain number of cards, so you will need to think fast when you are spending your gold to gain access to certain cards.

The game is played on three game fields which are circular and located at the middle of the screen. The circular game fields are randomly generated, and when you enter one of them, you will immediately be surrounded by a circle of gold icons. These gold icons are motes which will give you different symbols that you can use on the icons to make your card. To make your card, you have to rotate them around using the little and large buttons on your keyboard. However, if you don’t have any gold pieces, you cannot rotate the gold icons. You will notice that there are two buttons next to your avatar, and when you tap them, they will open up and show you where to place your gold piece.

The actual game play is fast paced and exciting. The fast pace will allow you to move your score quickly across the board, but you should always watch out for those fast moving paylines. If you are not careful, you will miss an opening payline and then you will have to wait until you have some more gold pieces to get through it. The scoring system is simple, but it does get complex as you try to collect more gold pieces. As you play through the bonus round, you will see that the game gets progressively harder, and the time spent on each bonus round might seem like a huge chunk of time, but don’t let that Scare you off!