3 fruits win: double hit

Play 3 Fruits Win: Double Hit is a new online casino game that is very similar to the old version of the same game that you can play back then. But, it has all the updated features and options that are present in the other version. You need to login to the website to access the game and play it. In this game you need to select the icon on your screen that depicts your character who appears on the casino screen.

After selecting the icon, you need to click on it and you will be presented with the game interface. Choose the icon and you will be presented with a list of options where you can choose the icons that have been pre-programmed to appear on the casino games screen. Then press the space bar to select the double hit icon and you will be presented with the double hit pop up menu. Choose the game that you want and complete the process to start playing 3 Fruits Win: Double Hit.

While playing in the game you will notice that you gain money and experience points. The game play is just like the other versions of the game in that one needs to select the icon on the screen and select the number of double flicks required to win a jackpot prize. The game fields are the same as the other versions as well. In the game fields there are three options and these are the number of coins to start with, the amount of credits to start with and the max number of credits that can be used for re-buying credits when you run out of them. You earn money and experience points while playing this online casino game.