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When I had my twin boys, I suffered from a life-threatening pregnancy complication, HELLP Syndrome. This syndrome usually occurs during the later stages of pregnancy.  Sometimes it can occur after childbirth.  The physical symptoms of HELLP syndrome are very similar to preeclampsia – which I also had – and it can sometimes be misdiagnosed.  It is important to know the signs and indications of HELLP syndrome.  It is vital that you seek medical advice as soon as possible, should be concerned for the welfare of you or your baby.

In this blog, I share my HELLP story.

I talk about how the condition affected me and the implications for my mental health for the years following birth. By sharing my story I hope it may help raise awareness of the condition.   I also discuss how the condition affected those around me. We will share what it meant for us as a family.  I would love to hear from you in the comments should you have something to share.

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