Blogging and Writing

A love of writing led me to start blogging.

Since I started blogging, I have enjoyed sharing my personal experiences and expanding my knowledge.  This has included building a website, simple coding, photography and social media.

Since I started Double the Monkey Business, I have taken part in two challenges.  The A to Z Challenge and the 30 day blogging challenge.  All of these posts are included here.

You can also find our goals and aspirations in this category. Sharing with you what I want to achieve in the months ahead.

That is not all, you will also find some gift ideas, for the writer in your life. To help out should you be wondering what to get them for their special day.

As I get more confident in my blog, I would love to include some tips in this category as well, so watch this space for these in the future.

Dysplasia (D)

The Fear of Dysplasia. At Bob L’s six-week-check, the doctor identified that he did not have the full, normal range…

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Constance (C)

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Twins and Tricycles – 30 DBC

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Blogging (B)

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Anxiety (A)

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