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Kindness and Money – 30 DBC

Day 19 (WHOOP! WHOOP!) 30 Day Blogging Challenge Discuss your views on religion This is a tricky one!  I hope…

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Bullet Our Day – 30 DBC

Bullet Our Day – 30 DBC


Day 17

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Bullet Your Whole Day

I was meant to do this post yesterday.  However, I was home with a poorly little boy so it was not the most exciting of days.  When I checked my FitBit to see how much I actually did yesterday, it said a surprising 5,464 steps.  I truly felt like I was stuck to the sofa all day, giving cuddles.  Turns out looking after sick little people is more active than I realised.

I assume that this post is asking me to ‘bullet point’ my whole day.  I know Leah at and1moremakes3 wondered the same.  I was hoping today would be more exciting but here goes.  Starting from the beginning:

Midnight:  I am in gentle slumber.  Snoozing… happily content in the knowledge I would not be woken up until my alarm goes off at 7am.  Ha ha ha…

1am:  I hear a door go… Footsteps…Someone is standing at the bottom of my bed.  I hear a little voice in the darkness: “can I get in your bed?”  I stand firm, give him a little cuddle and take him back to his own bed.  He falls asleep.  So do I… on the floor.

2am:  I wake up. I have to sneak out.  All I need is to use some commando moves to get out the room without being noticed.  I see the door.  It is in my sights.  How hard can it be?  They are both snoring.  I crawl to the door.  I am so close!  I hear a moan.  It turns into a cry.  A little voice in the darkness again: “MUMMY”.  I have been caught.  Dammit.  I go over to him.  He doesn’t settle with a cuddle.  I notice he is hot.  The crying continues.  I realise I need to sneak him out the room.  He might wake his brother.  Both Awake = Game Over!  Any parent with children sharing a room will appreciate the concern.

3am: I get him out without incident.  Phew!  A sigh of relief.  I take him into our room.  The crying continues.  Hubby administers Calpol (where would we be without this wonderful medicine!).  It seems he has earache – ouch!  He cries and / or moans for hours.  Eventually, he falls asleep with the offending ear on me for warmth.  We have been here before.  His ear drum burst the last time.  Grim times!

7am: Bob D wakes, upset and sad.  It takes me a while to figure out where I am, what day of the week it is and why is this little person is prodding me in the face?

7.15 am:  Bob L wakes, upset and sad.  They both fight over mummy cuddles.  Normally Bob D is a Daddy’s boy.  We can usually judge how ill he is by if he is asking for mummy.  Today he wants only mummy.  It is not looking promising.

7.30am:  We try to go downstairs.  They have an almighty bust-up over who is going to carry them downstairs.  Both want mummy to do it; sharing isn’t on the agenda.  I just want coffee to kick my brain into gear.  I realise at this point it is going to be a LONG day!

9am: I am dressed, showered and feeling like a zombie.  I go into work to pick up stuff to work from home.  I finish off a few things and answer some emails.  I yearn for normality.  I feel guilty for leaving the kids at home with daddy for one hour.  Mummy guilt is a terrible thing.  I leave work and now feel guilty about that.

10.20am:  Home sweet home.  Bob D is in floods of tears.   First thing hubby says is: “we need to get a doctors appointment for him”.  This is bad.  Hubby never suggests taking the kids to the doctor. After making the call and the nurse hearing Bob D crying in the background, we easily get an appointment

11am:  I decide to get the Play-do out for Bob L.  Don’t tell Daddy, he hates Play-do.  It gets stuck on the carpet and drives him crazy.  Bob D watches Minions on TV for the 100th time today, not the movie… oh no… the annoying Jingle Bells sung by the Minions ‘bonus’ feature.  I check my watch.  It isn’t even lunchtime yet.

11.30am:  I need to get ready and get these kids out the door.  The boys dont want to get dressed.  We have an almighty battle until we compromise.  They both go to the doctors in their onesies.  Bob D is wearing two hats (!).

12.15pm:  Doctor checks Bob D out and confirms his ear drum is about to burst.  Grim!  Antibiotics are prescribed.

12.45pm:  We get home.  Bob D doesn’t want to take his antibiotics because it is yellow.  After much negotiation he eventually takes them.  He then has a meltdown because he wants more, “I want more yummy minion medicine, MUMMY!”

1 – 3pm: I am hopeful the boys will nap, while I try to work.  It doesn’t happen,  we just have tears instead. Sad times.  I check my watch.  Four hours until bedtime.

3pm:  Boys watch a film, while I try to work.

4pm:  My neighbour’s little girl turns up at the door with flowers to cheer us up!  Well, to cheer me up.  So incredibly thoughtful and kind 🙂

5pm:  Dinner time.

6pm:  Bedtime for monkeys.

9.30pm: I write this post.

10pm:  I am off to bed in anticipation of a 1am wake up call

Tell me about your day.  I hope it has been a lot more exciting than this!




BiB Awards – Another Plea!

BiB Awards – Another Plea!

I am starting to get the idea that it is blog award season in the UK!
I can now call myself a blogger, this year.  Woo Hoo.  I am, after all, writing posts, hitting that publish button  (does anyone else worry when they hit that button or is it just me?) andeven have followers.

A few days ago you will have seen my post regarding The Mad Blog Awards 2016.  Yesterday, I submitted my nominations – exciting!  I found it so hard to pick my favourites, so I am thrilled to get the opportunity to nominate some more people for the BiB Awards.

So what is the BiB Awards?  Here is the lowdown from their website:

“BritMums highlights the best of parent lifestyle blogging in our Brilliance in Blogging Awards – the BiBs. It recognises the most creative, inventive and compelling blogging of the year! Last year more than 200,000 nominations and votes were cast – making it one of the UK’s most popular blogger awards. And this year, we have an updated list of categories that fit the evolving world of blogging and social influencers.”

So here I am again, cap in hand, asking for your vote.  For these awards I am aiming for the  Fresh Voice category, which is focused on new blogs.  This form requires more information than the The MAD Blog Awards.  Here is how you vote, should you want to vote for me:

  • Click on this link.  It will take you to the nomination page.


  •   You will need to enter the following info:
      • Name, email and telephone number


  • Section 4 is the Fresh Voice section.  This is the one I am making a bid for, so any votes for this category would be amazing.  Here you need to complete:
  • Blog Name: Double The Monkey Business
  • Blog URL: https://doublemonkeybusiness.wordpress.com
  • Bloggers Twitter ID: @von_nee
  • Why do you feel this blogger deserves to win Fresh Voice:  This is very much for you to decide 😉
  • URL from your favourite post from this blog:  To give you inspiration, here are my top viewed posts (in order):
      1. Then:  HELLP, I am in hospital.
      2. Now: Twenty Year, Many Tears.
      3. Then:  HELLP, I Need Somebody
      4. INFO POST – HELLP Syndrome, what is it?
      5. Now: Is this therapy? Part 1



Nominations are open from 17th March and close on 13th April at midnight.

Thanks for reading another nomination-plea-post 🙂  I am pretty sure that is it for now!

Yvonne x







We’re All Going On a Summer Holiday…

We’re All Going On a Summer Holiday…

Day 17

30 Day Blogging Challenge

What has been your best vacation memory?

I am going to go all slushy here and say my honeymoon…awww…

We married in an old converted watermill, eight years ago this summer; it was a stunning location and a perfect day spent with friends and family.  Straight after our wedding we went to Lyme Regis for a couple of days, before flying out to Egypt.  Well I say Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh to be precise.

As we disembarked the plane, the heat hit me.  It was like walking into a sauna.  It was over 40 degrees and stayed that way for the fortnight. The heat was unbearable to sit in between the hours of 11 and 2.  I like heat and love to sunbathe but it was even too hot for me.


My husband is a qualified scuba diver.  He has always encouraged me to give it a go.  He was off diving in the morning so I decided, why not?  Let’s give it a shot.

If you are going to learn to dive anywhere, then the Red Sea is one of the best places.  The diving is in warm water, the underwater creatures are fascinating and visibility is amazing; the water was so clear you could see for 35 meters.

My first dive in Egypt was ideal.  The instructors took charge of all the equipment so you just had to remember to breath.  That was it.  Which sounds pretty easy, but actually as soon as I ducked under the water my instinct was to hold my breath.  Then you realise you have to take that first breath… what a strange experience it was.  It goes against nature but it is exhilarating when you realise that you can do it!  You are underwater, breathing and what a sight it was to behold.  It is a world that so many people go through their entire lives without experiencing.

Then there is the weightlessness, which is an amazing and strange experience.  It gives you the feeling of what it would be like to be in space.

We just swam along the shore but there was plenty to see.  Incredible bright fish and stunning coral.  It was all enough to get me hooked.  I walked away from that dive, went straight to the diving school and booked myself onto the next Open Water PADI course.


I was so excited and the next day turned up early.  This is most unlike me, especially when on holiday.  Those were the days when I enjoyed a long lie.  Actually, I still enjoy a long lie – I just don’t get the opportunity to stay in bed until midday these days.

I was so lucky to have fun, friendly and enjoyable classmates.  The instructor made everything fun and interesting.  His enthusiasm really rubbed off on us all.

After a few days in the classroom and doing exercises in a pool, we were ready to go out into the big bad ocean and meet the underwater world once more.  It was an incredible experience.  Clear blue seas and the feeling you get when you are underwater is truly exhilarating.

After five days of doing my course, which included an exam, pool dives and diving in the sea, I was so pleased to become a qualified open water diver.

The hubby and I decided to do a couple of dives together after I qualified.  On our first dive, we swam off the boat and suddenly we felt the buzz coming from the instructors.  The word on the sea was that there were Whale Sharks nearby.  People were excited.  One man  couldn’t wait to finish getting all his gear on, grabbed his tank and a mask and descended under water.  We were already good to go and had our gear on.  As we stuck our heads under the water we saw them.  There in the distance were imposing and incredible shadows.  As they got closer and swam underneath us, I really couldn’t believe our luck.  Some divers wait years to have that experience.  My instructor told me later he first saw them after an incredible 672 dives – I know the exact amount as I wrote it in my dive log.


That was not the only highlight of our holiday, we also managed a day trip to Cairo.  It is something special as you approach the pyramids, standing tall and grand in front of you.  Although I think the image has been ruined slightly after watching Despicable Me, I now always wonder if they are real or not!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried scuba diving.  If so, where did you go and what did you think of it?  I’d love to hear your recommendations on where to dive.  If not, would you like to try it out?







E.T. Phone Home

E.T. Phone Home

Day 16

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Do you own a smart-phone,  Tell me why you love it.

Not sure how much I can say about this but here goes…

Yes, I have a smart phone.  An iPhone, to be exact.

When iPhones were launched, my hubby was excited at the prospect.  My reaction: so long as you can text and make phone calls that is all you need. Why fork out a stupid amount of money on this new Apple product?

After some time – I can’t remember exactly how long, let’s say a year – I started to wonder what the fuss was about.  My hubby loved his iPhone and I was getting – dare I say it – jealous.

My contract was up and it was time to join the latest craze.  I ordered online… and waited!

When it arrived, I have to admit I felt excited.  My smug hubby mocked me: “I thought you never wanted an iPhone. I thought you only wanted it for calls and text messages. I thought you didn’t see the point.”  He was right, of course, but I ignored him.

It didn’t take long for me to fall hook, line and sinker for my new device.  Suddenly my phone was no longer just about texting and calling.  Oh no, it was so much more… I could access my email, Facebook and Twitter updates straight away.  Amazing.  I thought I would be so much better at keeping in touch with people.  I was lying to myself. Of course the reality is, I see the message, think I must reply when I get a minute, then promptly forget.

Last year, my phone was stolen. I had been stung by a bee moments before and in the confusion my phone disappeared.  If you ask Bob D he is adamant that the bee stole Mummy’s phone.  Maybe he is right?


I had to go a two whole weeks without my precious iPhone.  Actually, that wasn’t quite right, I had to use my OLD iPhone… which was slow and frustrating.  I felt out of touch and lost.

My replacement phone turned up and I had a shiny, new device once more.  Happiness was restored.

So in answer to the question, why do I love it:

  • I love being in touch 24/7, which is especially great for promoting my blog.  I can do this on the go and with any free time I have.
  • I can look back at my photos whenever I like.  Especially useful for those nostalgia trips, when you look back at the kid’s baby photos and marvel at how amazing those little guys are.  Conveniently forgetting how hard it was feeding two tiny beings (CONSTANTLY) for months on end, with no sleep.
  • It is easy to use.  I am not good with technology at all, but iPhones are so incredibly easy to use.  Even I can do it.

So, in summary, I love my iPhone.  There, I have said it.  Hubby can smugly remind me how much I didn’t want one to begin with… again!