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Bumps, Bruises and Quotes

Bumps, Bruises and Quotes

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 25

Write about the worst injury you’ve had

When I first read this, I instantly thought of my struggle with HELLP syndrome.  Then I realised that was not really an injury.

I have broken a few bones over the years but I guess the most shocking, for my mum, is when I broke my nose.

I was in the school playground, playing rounders.  I really should have known better than to be playing sports.  That will teach me.

As I stood there daydreaming – ostensibly playing sport – I realised that I had to move off the base.  At this point, the person running towards me pushed me and I fell.  I landed spectacularly onto my nose, and skidded across the playground floor.

I managed to lift all the skin from my nose and forehead.


I remember friends gathering round me and taking me to the school nurse.

The school nurse gave me cotton wool (!) to put on the open wounds and sent me on to my afternoon class.

I will never forget that afternoon.  I was sitting in sex education, of all things, in the most incredible pain.

When I went home that afternoon, I was worried.  My mum would go berserk.  I remember standing at the front door with my hands covering the wound.

Of course, my mum answered the door and was not happy.  Not with me, as I had been concerned about.  Accidents happen, she said.  It was the school she was furious with.

She took me to A&E, where the nurses had to pick the cotton wool out with tweezers.  My nose was completely swollen and they were not able to X-ray at that point.  I did find out later, when the swelling went down, that it was broken.

From what I remember, my mum complained to the school, for using cotton wool and for then sending me back to class.  I should have been sent straight to A&E.

I guess that was schooling in the 80s for you.

Day 26

What is your favourite quote?



A Letter to the Future – 30 DBC

A Letter to the Future – 30 DBC
30 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 23

Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Hi me,

As you may or may not remember I am writing to you from the past, the 36-year-old you.  I am finding this a lot harder to do than the letter to my teenage self.  What do you say to someone when you have no idea what the future holds?

It is Easter weekend, 2016.  Do you remember?  Your boys are three-years-old, they had an easter egg hunt on the Sunday, ate too much, had a sugar high and then hit an all-time low in grumpiness.  You didn’t mind though, it is all part of the day.

You did lots of baking too, cakes, banana bread, cookies.  It was so much fun.

Do you remember the games you played that weekend?  The ghost game is the monkeys’ favourite: “you be the ghost, mummy, and I will pretend to be scared”.  You have no idea where that game came from.  You hubby remarked today that the monkeys have grown up so much, particularly over the last few weeks.  They played upstairs in the bedroom all by themselves yesterday; no adults were allowed.  So you hung out on the stair and listened in, just in case.  Time certainly passes very quickly.

Do you remember the lovely Easter dinner that you had?  The boys were so good, you sang songs afterward and danced around the living room.

Do you remember what the world was like in 2016?  I wonder what life is like with you now?  I am picturing you as a 60-year-old.  That is 2040.  I find that a bit mind-blowing if I am honest.  I am wondering if my blog is still ‘out there’.  Blogs have probably been superseded by some new concept.  Like a microchip of the author’s thoughts projected directly into the brain.  Maybe the internet has been replaced by something even more incredible.  What else has been invented in 2040?  Just thinking how things have changed in my ‘current’ lifetime, what will I have seen by the time I am you?

I wonder where you are now?  Where do you live?  What do you do with your time?  The boys will be older, less dependent on you.  The thought of that scares me.

The ‘monkeys’ will be 28.  I hope they are still best friends.  I had always thought how lovely it is for them to have each other.  Today, especially, we have watched them play together, make up games and hiding from imaginary enemies.  Always on the same side, the same team.  I hope that is still the case.  What are they doing now?  The main thing I want to know is: are they happy?  I hope that I continue to have the close bond with them; that means so much to me.  I realise over the years we will have our arguments but I hope they still know that I love them, always, more than I ever thought possible.

How did it go with the writing?  At this point in your life I am wondering what the future holds.  I would love to freelance or have a job that could continue my talents.  How did that pan out?

The older I get, the better I am at being happy in my own skin.  I hope that continues to be the case.  I am finding it easier to not worry what other people think of me.  Is that part of growing older?

I sincerely hope that you are happy, that the hubby is happy and that your life has worked out.  I know at this point in my life I truly don’t know what is coming up.  Will we stay in Germany an extra year, will we move home, will we go somewhere new entirely?  Who knows?  It is exciting though.

I know that the time to move is near, I have started moving the furniture around.  That is a sure fire sign I am getting itchy feet.

I will see you later my friend; let’s hope the next few years are filled with fun and joy.

Signing off…..with one more thing:


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A Letter to My Teenage Self – Be Strong

A Letter to My Teenage Self – Be Strong

Write a Letter to Your Teenage Self

30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 23

Hi me,

You are ready to make your way in the big, bad world.  You are 17-years-old.  You have finished school and about to leave home.  You lie on the grass outside your high school, listening to (Sittin’ on) The Dock Of the Bay by Otis Redding.   That song will always remind you of this day; I am listening to it now as I write this letter.

The sun shines down on you and you taste the freedom in the air.

At this point in your life, you can’t imagine anything different to living in this city.  You wonder what it will be like when you are 21, 30, 40.  But you can’t picture it.

My younger self, there are a few things you need to know.

You wouldn’t recognise me as you, almost 20 years older.  This is no bad thing. Experiences will change you.  People you meet will influence you.  People you love will support you.  I figure you can work that all out for yourself though.

The thing is, you will find it hard to imagine being back on that grass, listening to that song and feeling the way you felt that day.  You will find it difficult to recollect all the names of the people you went to school with, mainly because you have a terrible memory, this only gets worse!

So much is going to happen to you.  The thing I want you to know is that the good FAR outweighs the bad, thanks to some of the wonderful people you will meet along the way.

Let’s start with the tough stuff first.

What I need to tell you is that you are strong.  Stronger than you can ever imagine.  The 17-year-old you would never believe it.  You are timid and unsure.  But, I promise you, it is true.

I am sorry to say that over the  next 20 years you are going to lose people.  Some of those will be long and drawn out, others will be sudden and throw you completely.  You will get through it.  You won’t feel like you will ever be whole again at the time, but time is a funny thing.  It might never fully heal but it does become easier.  Don’t worry, you will never forget them.  I know you will be concerned about that.  Time doesn’t fade your memories for those whom you love and you will miss them dreadfully.  You will be able to keep going though.  You will be able to be happy.

The inner strength you need is not just for this though.  You are going to need to be strong again and again.

One time in particular, you are going to need to physically fight back.  And, you will fight back.  You will surprise yourself.  Bad people are out there in this world and you never expect them to come to your door.  Unfortunately, they do.  That’s life; I know that now.  At the time, you will wonder: why me?  You will beat yourself up about it and it will get you down.

It will have an effect on your mental health.  My advice to you, if I could change anything, is get help sooner.  Those dark shadows that loom over you in your restless sleep won’t go away on their own.  The anxiety is going to remain until you speak to someone about it.

At this point in your life, you don’t want to admit defeat. You are too stubborn for your own good.  Determined to get by on your own (some things never change).  I want to tell you it is okay.  Counselling is going to save you; please go sooner.  It will turn your world around.  You are lucky, you have an incredible support network around you, you have people who care and help you. As terrible as this ordeal is and as difficult as it is to get over, you will get through it.  I know this is a cliché, but it does make you stronger.

At the end of your recovery, I hate to tell you, you are going to lose a much wanted baby. You have a feeling something isn’t right from the time you see those two lines on the pregnancy test.  Your instincts are right, I’m afraid.  This will hurt in a way you have never felt before.   But rest assured there is light at the end of this tunnel.  It feels like you are in constant darkness at that moment.  It will change.  I promise you that.  You are about to enter into the happiest time of your life.

A subsequent pregnancy test is going to change everything forever.  You wonder if it is twins; you joke about it and, my friend, it turns out you are right.  They are a beacon of light for you and your husband.  They are going to change your world.

You are going to need to be strong again though, I am sorry to tell you.

You, my 17-year-old-self, have a fear of childbirth.  You have always felt like it is never going to be straight forward.  Something inside you, a nagging feeling, that you have  always worried about.  I don’t know how you know.  I am afraid you are right.

Birth is going to be the most amazing and difficult time for you.  You are going to be ill afterwards.  Extremely ill.  From an illness you have never heard of.  Your loved ones are going to be sitting by your bedside wondering if you will make it.  You will need to be strong again.  Don’t worry, you will be.  As I said before, you are far stronger than you think.  And afterwards, you walk out of that hospital with twins, whom you love with all your heart.

Moving on.  I have another thing we need to chat about.  Spare time.  You have no idea what this means at 17.  All your time is ‘spare’.  It will remain that way for a long time yet.  Please don’t waste it.  Endless days in the pub or watching back-to-back boxsets is great but why not use some of that time to start your blog. Imagine what you could do with it if you actually had spare hours in the day.  Get out there and see more of the world.

The time will come, old friend, when spare time will be a distant memory. The time will come when 8am is a lie in, I kid you not. When you stay up past ten, you start to panic that it is getting too late. When you fall asleep on the sofa most nights… hold on, you do that anyway… never mind.

I know you want to hear the good stuff.  Well, my friend, there are so many good things I don’t know where to start.  So many lovely experiences that will make you smile whenever you think about it.  I don’t want to spoil them and ruin the surprise.

What I will say to you is this: I mentioned above you have people who care for you.  That is an understatement.

You have such a great family, they are truly amazing and you are so lucky to have them in your life.  You will grow up and move away to new adventures.  But, they will always be there for you, loving you and talking to you on FaceTime (I am not going to try to explain what FaceTime is – it will blow your mind – but it’s a little like Back to the Future II).

You are going to meet an amazing man, actually you will meet him for the first time in a few months time.  You are not going to know this at the time, but you will marry him.  His family will become your family.  I don’t mean just on paper, I mean in your heart.  He will be such a support to you through the toughest moments, loving you and winding you up with his terrible jokes.  Unfortunately, he is going to pass this sense of humour onto your boys… sorry about that.

As I have mentioned already, you have twins.  Crazy or what?!  They are your life.  They are a beacon of light when you need it most, just as you imagined.  They are cheeky, funny and sometimes naughty.  There will be times when you will be delirious with sleep deprivation.  That first year is hard.  It gets easier though.  When you see their eyes sparkle as they laugh, they will make life worth living.  One peace of advice though: never let them watch Topsy and Tim.  Please don’t do it to yourself.  That theme tune will stick in your head.

Last, but  by no means least, your friends are amazing.  Some friends you have had for many years; some who will come into your life later.  Either way, you are lucky.  They are there for you.  You may be miles away but they are there for you at the drop of a hat.  Always appreciate that.

Oh, and see when you meet that girl when you first move to Bristol?  You plan to meet up for a drink but never do?  A long while later your paths will cross again and you will be best friends.  Please meet up for that drink a little sooner, you need her in your life.

Goodbye, good luck and enjoy the ride!

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Keep Calm, Drink More Wine – 30 DBC

Keep Calm, Drink More Wine – 30 DBC
30 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 21

What is your guilty pleasure?

Another day, another double post.  My little boy decided to be really good at sharing – for once – and decided to give me a stomach bug…grim times, my friends, grim times!  As a result, I missed my post yesterday.

I initially thought that my guilty pleasure was red wine.  I then realised that was also my answer for the next question, so I thought I should think of something else!

So, I asked my husband what he thought my guilty pleasure is and he said: “Take That”.  That was no use.  I don’t feel guilty about it.  Not in the slightest!

Oh, and for those that are wondering if he is still complaining about the naked bum photo in my previous post, yes he is!

Then I realised it was Easter and I would be over-indulging in chocolate.  This will definitely be my guilty pleasure this weekend, as it is many weekends.  I need to get my strength back after being poorly, so it is all for medicinal purposes, of course.


While on the topic of Easter.  Today I had a conversation with my lovely friend over at Life is Knutts – if you have not checked her blog out then please do, she is funny and an incredible person – regarding her recent post on the Easter bunny.  Warning, it may give you nightmares!

Anyway, it made me think about my views on the Easter Bunny.  We have never talked about the Easter Bunny to the monkeys.  I have nothing against the small cuddly ones, but those human sized bunnies freak me out.  I mean, have you seen some of them?!


Don’t tell me this doesn’t give you the creeps!


That is why we never invite the Easter Bunny into our house.  Mummy and daddy organise our easter egg hunt.

What do you do in your family?  Do you invite the Easter Bunny to visit every year?  What are your Easter traditions?

Day 22

What’s your favourite drink and why?  

Share the recipe.

My favourite drink is red wine.  My recipe for this is as follows:


  1. 1 x bottle of red wine – or more if you plan on going crazy.
  2. 2 x glasses – sharing is caring!
  3. 1 x corkscrew


  1. Open wine and bring to room temperature.  If you are feeling like pushing the boat out, pour into a decanter.
  2. Pour wine into glasses.  Be careful not to spill any.
  3. Drink
  4. Repeat as required



Remember!  Don’t spill the wine!