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Winter Wonderland

My boys like snow, well they do this year.. last year we had full scale meltdowns whenever one of them…

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Finding Out

Finding Out

It was a shock finding out.

I didn’t think I would have twins. It was not something that had ever occurred to me.  On hindsight I probably should have, after all my gran was a twin, as was my great-gran.

I knew deep down that something strange was going on.

I kept crying, and by that I mean I cried for hours. 12 hours straight was the worst, all the way home from my parent’s house.

I had weird dreams of babies.  I thought I would take a test, it was positive and so, just to make doubly sure, I took another one, and another, and another.  We started to lose count how many tests I had taken, they were all positive.  My husband thought I had lost the plot and couldn’t understand it, why could I not just believe that I was pregnant.

However, it was the multiple test taking which showed up something strange.  By my reckoning I was a few weeks in. One day the test said I was 1-2 weeks pregnant (exactly what I thought), the next day it said 3+.  Oh yes when I say I was doing test after test, it had to be the digital ones, they actually said the words ‘pregnant’ and that was oh so much more exciting!!!!  All makes sense now in hindsight, there were two babies in there, so double the hormones.

I had a miscarriage just a month before I fell pregnant with them, I was more than a little anxious, so we booked an early scan.  Lets go see if there is something there, there might not be….

Finding out we were having twins

Scan day came, it was cold, wet and windy.  I felt sick.  We walked into the room, saw the machines and started to panic.

I stared intently at the screen, at first it just looked like a weird mix of shapes.  The nurse said, ‘well there is certainly something there….. two somethings in fact’.   I saw two little blobs, they looked like jelly babies, two little hearts beating loud and fast.

I cried tears of relief, my husband went grey… our journey had started…..

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