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Now: Ten Things – February 2016

Ten Things Best Things About February February seemed to pass in the blink of an eye.  Especially in comparison to…

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15 Interesting Facts About Me

15 Interesting Facts About Me

15 Interesting Facts About Yourself

30 Day Blogging Challenge
  1. I am a twin mummy.  My gran was a twin.  My great-gran was a twin.  I guess I should have worked out that I may have twins.  I didn’t.  It was a complete shock.
  2. The second house I lived in was haunted.  I saw a little girl, dressed in Victorian clothes, standing in my room one night.  I also felt her presence all the time while I was growing up.
  3. I have had PTSD twice.  Both for very different reasons.  Both times speaking to a counsellor helped immensely
  4. I have suffered from panic attacks. This stems back many years due to a significant event that happened in my life.  I have tried to deal with this as best I can.  Counselling has helped.  I am lucky to have not had one for a long time but I always worry they will come back.  I was terrified that I would have one when I was in labour with my boys.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen.
  5. I changed career after I had my boys.  I went from working as a manager in Financial Services, to a Reporter and Editor for a local newspaper.  A bit of a leap but the best thing I ever did!  I can finally be one of those annoying people that say they love their job!
  6. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law sold their house to make a film!  Ok, I realise this isn’t about me directly but I am riding on their coat tails.  I am incredibly proud of them.  They are an amazing couple and I am so lucky to have them in my life.
  7. I have been with my husband for 17 years this year.  We got together when I was 19.  So I am almost at the point when I have been with him for half my life.  Scary!
  8. I survived HELLP syndrome after I gave birth to my boys.  After years of ignoring it and never talking about it at all, I went to the other extreme and started to blog about it.  It has been the best thing I have ever done.
  9. I am an Open Water qualified scuba diver.  On the first dive after I qualified, I swam with three whale sharks.  It took my instructor 672 dives to have that experience. I am very lucky!
  10. I am on the radio every week.  I talk about the top news stories in the paper.  I don’t think a career as Radio DJ beckons, but it is very cool and I have met some really fab people.
  11. I have seen some pretty famous people perform live: David Bowie at Glastonbury (amazing!), Pink Floyd at Hyde Park (Fabulous), Bob Dylan at the London O2 (absolutely dreadful, worst gig I have ever been to!!!!)
  12. Gary Barlow followed me on Twitter last month – I had a huge goofy smile on my face all day.
  13. I was very fortunate to have back stage passes for the recent Monty Python tour at the O2.  It was very cool and I got to meet them all. I had a drunken chat with Michael Palin
  14. I once went to see Mark Steel do a gig in Bristol.  Afterwards my husband bumped into him and got chatting.  Before I knew it we were drinking beer and playing pool.  He was an amazingly nice and interesting man.
  15. I am exceptionally scared of heights.  It causes real problems when I am trying to get the courage to take off down a ski run!  I do it though, mainly because I usually have no choice!

A photo of me, all dressed up for my christmas party.  photo to go alongside 15 interesting facts about me


30 Day Blogging Challenge

30 Day Blogging Challenge


I will be completing a 30 days blogging challenge invited by Iveth over at For the love to . The Challenge is pretty simple and fun.

I am also inviting all other fellow bloggers that this blog post can reach.  If you are reading this post… you are next to continue with the challenge.  Don’t forget tag me on  twitter. I will read all your fabulous posts, follow you and retweet when I can.

Here are the topics:

  1. A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
  2. The meaning behind your blog name
  3. A habit you wish you didn’t have
  4. A picture of somewhere you’ve been
  5. Favourite superhero and why
  6. Something you’re proud of in the past few days
  7. Plans/dreams/goals you have
  8. Nicknames you have; why do you have them
  9. Something you crave for a lot
  10. Your top 5 pet peeves
  11. Favourite foods and why
  12. Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit
  13. Favourite TV shows
  14. Favourite movies
  15. If you could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity, who would it be and why?
  16. Do you own a smart phone?  Tell why you love it.
  17. What has been your best vacation memory?
  18. Bullet your whole day
  19. Discuss your views on religion
  20. If you had a million dollars to spend, how would you spend it?
  21. What is your guilty pleasure?
  22. What’s your favourite drink and why?  Share the recipe.
  23. Write a letter to your teenage self.
  24. Write a letter to your future self.
  25. Write about the worst injury you’ve had
  26. What is your favourite quote?
  27. List all the places that you have lived
  28. Three things you want to say to different people
  29. Who were your three celebrity crushes when you were a teenager?
  30. Share a funny YouTube video

I am going to do my best to stick to one a day; twin threenagers, work and husband permitting of course!

Lets do this….

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HELLP, He Looks Just Like Me

HELLP, He Looks Just Like Me

We are rushed into theatre.  I am surrounded by people.  It feels chaotic. Panic.

Panic as the doctors surround me.Turns out I did, indeed, need to have that epidural.  I had to be numbed from the waist down and quickly.  It took no time.  I was going to say it took minutes, then I realised I have no idea how long it took… unsurprisingly my memories are a little vague!

It was a strange feeling not being able to move my legs.

Paralysed and completely at other people’s mercy.  I really didn’t like it.  I like to be in control of everything.  And I MEAN EVERYTHING (I may have heard the words ‘control freak’ a few times).

The doctors, nurses and midwives were quick, efficient, friendly and kind.  Although it felt chaotic to us, in hindsight they were amazing and knew what they were doing.  They were professional.  They didn’t panic.

There were twice as many people in the theatre than with a singleton birth.

We had two midwifes, two paediatricians, an anaesthetist, two consultants.  As I was a special case, we had a number of junior doctors who were observing.

A lady sat and held my hand.  I didn’t know who she was.  To this day, I still don’t know who she was.  I might never know who she was.  She had blond hair.  I felt like she was my guardian angel.  Later, in my semi-consious state, I wondered aloud if this lady had indeed existed.  Was she a nurse? Could she have been a figment of my imagination?  Was she my actual guardian angel?

When I asked my husband if she was real, he thought I had truly lost it (more so than normal) and confirmed yes, of course, this lady existed.  He confirmed she held my hand never left my side.  I guess she was monitoring me.  Regardless, she will always be a guardian angel to me.  She is one of many people that I plan to go back and thank.

My husband stood at my other side, holding my left hand.

The boys are both stuck in the birth canal.  The doctors and nurses had to push one  (Bob D) back in and assist the other (Bob L) out.  Which one was twin 1 in the scan photos?  Who was twin 2?  We will never know.  The doctors said they still brought twin 1 out first but he was smaller.  In every scan photo we had, twin 1 was the bigger twin.

I pushed.  They pulled.  After an unsuccessful attempt to use the ventouse, Bob L eventually appeared with the help of forceps, a tiny 4lbs 12.

He didn’t cry.  He wasn’t breathing. Time stopped.

He was whisked away from me before I can see him.  “Go with him” I cried to my hubby.  “Don’t you dare leave him”.

I have to point out we had already agreed this would be our strategy should something like this happen. It was stated on my birthing plan.  Then a nurse said: “shouldn’t your husband stay with you?”  I said a few choice words.  Bob L was in far more need than me.  I was outraged that she couldn’t see that and had dared to pass comment.

In the distance of the chaos I hear Bob L’s high-pitched scream.  The hubby returned.

I desperately ask: “how is he”.  Hubby said: “he looks just like me” – I don’t think he was thinking straight!  “What?  I want to know if he’s alive!”  Hubby said: “oh yes, he is fine”.

Relief and desperation to see my tiny bundle overwhelms me.  I have to wait.  There is one more job to do.

I am told to push again.  I decide I have had enough and refuse……”no way, I won’t do it” *** in the manner of a tantrum throwing and unreasonable threenager ***

Unsurprisingly, when the doctor points out it is that or a c-section, I quickly change my mind.

Suddenly, with a new-found incentive, I push again.

Bob D appears soon after.

He looks massive at 5lbs 4. The wrinkly bundle cries and is placed on my tummy.  He doesn’t look like I thought he would, no amount of OBEM (One Born Every Minute) can prepare you for what this looks like in real life. This time hubby is allowed to cut the cord.  We are overwhelmed with happiness.

baby-49002_1280I then meet Bob L.

How strange is that?  Meeting the first-born twin last.

I vaguely remember having both boys in my arms and feeling so weak I was worried I would drop them.

I was shaking and shivering. It was out of my control. The nurses said my body had gone into shock.

According to the doctors at the hospital, this was when I developed HELLP syndrome.

I remember nothing else from this point.  Only managing to stay awake for a few hours afterwards.  I don’t remember this time at all.  I don’t remember the FaceTime calls made to family to announce their arrival.

Then….I am asleep.

The hubby stays awake all night watching the boys, marvelling as they are mirror each others’ movements.  Incredible.

The next thing I remember is half-a-day later.  I wake up, briefly, feeling like death.  As it turns out there was a reason for that!

I don’t remember the first day of my boys’ lives.



Winter Wonderland – The Sequel

Winter Wonderland – The Sequel

After the ‘successful’ ski trip a few weeks ago, we decided to throw caution to the wind and give it another go.

This time though, we were not going to caught out. Oh no.  We were organised and even packed bags the night before.  Well by that I mean, my hubby packed the bags the night before.  When it comes to skiing enthusiasm, that is definitely my hubby’s department. If it was up to me I would sit and drink tea – or wine depending on the time of day – and talk about going skiing.

Next day we were up early(ish) and out the door a whole hour and a half earlier than last time.  We were pretty pleased with ourselves, praising our organisation skills and motivation.  After all we only had minimum delays, one additional potty break and only had to check the coffee machine once.  Easy!

We were making good time too, boys were happy watching cartoons and the roads were clear.

Oh… but what is that in the distance?  A huge grey cloud positioned perfectly over the ski resort, like you see following cartoon characters around.  Ah.  The smug smiles quickly fade.  We realised neither of us checked the weather forecast.  With two three-year-olds, who get very grumpy if out in the wind and rain for longer than 10 seconds, this was a disaster.  As we got closer we realise it was blowin’ a hoolie (bloody windy for those that haven’t heard that expression before).

That was not our only problem.

The hubby and I are currently in mourning for the loss of the lunchtime nap.  By this I mean the boys lunchtime nap. Although it wasn’t uncommon for us to ‘rest our eyes’ around this time too.  On the plus side, it does make life easier in some respects, like going on day trips.  At around the 10-minute-to-arrival point we realised that Bob L was falling asleep.  This was a disaster, this meant he wouldn’t quite sleep long enough to be refreshed and as soon as we stop the car he would wake up….grumpy.  Now some may say, don’t let him sleep.  I don’t know about other children but when our kids want to sleep, they do.  I have to point out this doesn’t work at nighttime of course, mainly because they don’t want to sleep at bedtime.  Anyway, it doesn’t matter what you do, if those eyes are closing, it is game over!  As predicted; he woke up when we parked the car.  As predicted; he was grumpy.  As predicted; he refused to get out of the car.

We (by that I mean the ski-enthusiast hubby) really want skiing to be a positive experience.  So we didn’t push it.  I said I would stay in the car, playing I spy with Bob L, while the hubby took Bob D for his first ski trip.    I spy is a favourite with our kids at the moment.  They are not old enough to play it with letters so we use colours.  For example: “I spy with my little eye, something green”.

Bob D was super excited as we got him dressed and ready to go.  As he waddled off with Daddy – I say waddle, because he had so many layers on he couldn’t walk properly – I realised that I was missing a ‘first’ for Bob D and it made me feel sad.  Daddy promised to take photos for me.

A few weeks ago we got toddler training skis.  These are ones that just clip onto their shoes.  The idea is they don’t get freaked out by the cumbersome ski boots and can just enjoy it. Obviously these are just for the flat and/or bunny slopes.  You wouldn’t be going down mountains with these on, but they are perfect for being pulled along and to get a feel for the strange sensation of skiing.   For this age they are perfect.  The boys love them.


Bob D hits the slopes!

15 minutes later Daddy and Bob D returned. The shortest ski trip ever.  Daddy said Bob D put his skis on, went down the slopes twice and then declared: “I have had fun skiing, Daddy.  I am ready to go now that I have skied down the big big mountain.”  I have to point out he was on a very small slope the whole time, but I guess to a three-year-old that is a mountain.

Once they arrived back at the car Bob L, who was no longer grumpy, decided that he was a little jealous.  “I want to ski now Daddy”.  So we got him dressed in 101 layers and off he waddled with Daddy.  This time they were gone 30 seconds.  They got to the end of the car park.  Bob L declared it was “real real too cold” to be out skiing.  They turned around and came back to the car.

By this point we were all pretty hungry. Previously, as we drove into the ski resort, we realised that there is nothing wrong with Bob D’s memory.  He cheered and said: “Yeah! I like skiing because we go to MacDonalds for lunch”.  It appears we have started a tradition in our family without realising it.  I don’t even like MacDonalds.  So off we trotted for a round of happy meals and cheap toys that I will secretly bin later on when they are not looking.

We then agreed that it was time to go home. It had been a long day.

So lets have a round up of our day; a three-hour round trip, 15 minutes of skiing for Bob D, a 30 second walk out of the car park for Bob L and an hour in MacDonald’s.


The long road home….

Winter Wonderland part three is to come. At the weekend we have booked ourselves into a hotel at the ski resort. What is it they say?  Third time lucky?

I imagine the boys will be expert skiers in no time.