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How to Survive Hospital Boredom

Some may have noticed a bit of a break on the old blogging / social media front.  Apart from scheduled…

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I can’t believe it is July already!  It is an exciting month for us as we move from Germany back to London.  To be honest, I am looking forward to unpacking that last box, although that milestone seems a long way off for me at the moment.

I would love to be inspired with more crafty corner crafts! I would love to get ideas of how to keep the boys busy while we unpack or inspirational home decor ideas 🙂

So why not come and join us on #craftycorner this week and join in the fun?  Thanks to everyone that linked up in June, it was great to see your posts, I hope you can join us again this month.


Thanks to everyone that linked up to us in June!  My favourite post from the month was 5 Great Ways to Paint Without a Brush by Craft with Cartwright.  Laura’s favourite post was Flying Tiger Father’s Day Canvas from Anyway to Stay at Home.

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This is a place to link up all your creative posts and show us your creative flair! We love to see new ideas and to be inspired and cannot wait to see what you link up with.

Any posts with a craft theme is welcome, not just kiddies crafts!

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#CraftyCorner is a monthly linky, giving you plenty of time to join us.


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#SMB – Instagram Week – Let’s Focus!

#SMB – Instagram Week – Let’s Focus!

Doesn’t it crack you up when people think that Blogging is an “easy” job. There are so many pieces and parts to running a great blog, it’s hard to keep up with it all. When you started your Blog did you realize everything that needed to go into a post? Me neither!

Finding other Bloggers on Social Media, to follow and be followed by, opens doors. It connects us with others, leads more people to our sites who then share our work on Social Media. Are you blogging to yourself? Do you want to be noticed, but don’t know how to get there?

Running your blog in a vacuum is a futile process. “Build it and they will come” is just a line from a movie. Instantaneous Stardom rarely happens in real life. You have to be seen to be noticed.
Social Media Blast. Thursday at 9 PM EST Bloggers working together to grow our social media platforms. Brands are looking for large, engaged communities, let's work together to grow and prosper. Instagram Week.

Reasons to Grow Your Social Media Platforms with Other Bloggers

Social Media connects us with others who find value in our posts. It helps us to grow our audience and hone our skills. It puts you in the position to be noticed by fans and Brands.

It’s hard work to grow your Social Media Platforms. Taking photos, editing them, creating different sizes for Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Phew! I’m tired already. Aren’t you???

And we haven’t even created the posts and written the Social Media Updates yet.

Or scheduled them. Found the appropriate hashtags. Or, at the very least, hashtags that aren’t flagged as spam. ARG!

Check out the Top Five Reasons why you should be working together with other Bloggers, then add yourself to the linkup and let’s all grow together. We got this!

Meet your hosts:

Social Media Blast. Thursday at 9 PM EST Bloggers working together to grow our social media platforms. Brands are looking for large, engaged communities, let's work together to grow and prosper.

Nikki from View From In Here Jessica from Adventures of a Cavemom
Lindsey from Lindsey Tradup Yvonne from Double the Monkey Business
Gidget from Mommy Perfect Rena from Fine, Whatever Blog
Leah from Elm Photo Studio Leanne from Smiles and Sunday

Top Five Reasons To Grow Your Social Media Platforms

ONE: Bloggers are a cool, creative bunch. I love reading updates from other Bloggers on my Social Media Feeds. We are so doggone fun! When I’m having a creative dry spot I get my best ideas from the Bloggers that I follow. (Bonus points for a great food video, or crazy cat vid? Amiright?!)

TWO: Bloggers know all the good stuff. Need a recommendation for a hotel while on vacation? Ask a Blogger. Looking for potty training tips? Ask a Blogger. DIY? Decorating? Paint Colors? Get it? Follow Bloggers from every niche and all the answers you need are at your fingertips! Boo-Yah!

THREE: Algorithm Changes drive you crazy? Yeah, me too. But guess what? Another Blogger has already figured it all out. And you follow her/him! Score. Think about all those hours of research saved.

FOUR: Is there anyone more fun to hang out with than a Blogger? I think not.

FIVE: Okay, here’s the REALS. You want people to read your blog, right? You’re working to raise your Pageviews. You may even be thinking about making money from your Blog. Perhaps you’ve started to Monetize, but you’d like to make more income. Maybe you want all these things, but it’s a slow process?

Guess what? Growing your Social Media Platforms, hanging with other Bloggers, can help you achieve all these things. But working together with other Bloggers can speed up the process.

Social Media Blast. Thursday at 9 PM EST Bloggers working together to grow our social media platforms. Brands are looking for large, engaged communities, let's work together to grow and prosper. Instagram Week.

Social Media Blast Requirements

 -Add the link to your Social Media Account. It must be a Public account or Facebook PAGE not personal.

 -Follow everyone in the linkup, come back later in the week to follow those that have joined after you. This linkup will be open for a week,  come back and follow more as the week goes on, and get followed back!  This is not a link dump, if you aren’t following the others your link will be deleted. Thanks.

Share. Click to Tweet. The more people that link up, the bigger we all grow.

This week we’re focusing on Instagram

This week, link up the URL to your Instagram account (NOT YOUR BLOG URL), follow others on the list. Your Instagram account MUST be PUBLIC for you to join the linkup. It is not required for others to follow you if your account is set to private.

FYI Instagram will only allow you to follow 20ish new accounts in an hour. If you reach 20 and have not followed everyone in the linkup you must come back later to complete.

To find the URL to your Instagram profile, open up Instagram, click your profile picture on the right side, click view profile, grab the URL in the browser bar.

My URL is:

Yours should be similar!


Brighten Up Your Bookshelf – Part 1

Brighten Up Your Bookshelf – Part 1

I am not sure about you but we are at the point where we have read every book on the boys bookshelf hundreds of times – might be a slight exaggeration but it feels like that anyway.

So I was chuffed to bits to be sent some brilliant books to review.

Little Mouse’s Big Secret

Bookshelf Ideas

“What are you hiding?” asked Bird.

“It’s my secret, and I will never tell,” answered Mouse

This is such a cute book, with a lovely message about sharing with friends.  I love that it comes in at a very reasonable price tag – £5.99, so a perfect gift for a little ones birthday or a stocking filler (I didn’t mention the C word – not yet anyway!).

This charming book follows the main character, Little Mouse, as he tries his very best to ‘hide his secret’ apple.  As the secret grows, he soon realises that sharing his secret is even better.

I love the simple illustrations in this book, makes such a change from brightly coloured books.  This is the perfect calming bedtime story for little ones.

The boys especially loved it, and all the characters along the way.  They got particularly excited when rabbit turned up, mainly due to their desperation of getting a pet rabbit!

Almost Everybody Farts

“Farting Poodle, Farts in school. Farts make bubbles in the pool.”

In stark contrast to the calming book I have reviewed above, this book had the boys in fits of giggles! I would say most four-year-olds would react in the same way!

I was a particular fan of this book, as it says everybody farts but “Mothers do not.” So it was a winner with me.

This is a fun and entertaining book, which is a huge hit.  The boys particularly thought “Uncles fart and think it’s funny” was hilarious!

A brilliant fun book to read with your kiddies during the day, maybe not so much a calm one for bedtime though.

Book Information:

  • Little Mouse’s Big Secret – Eric Battut – ISBN – 9781454921547 – £5.99
  • Almost Everybody Farts – Marty Kelley – ISBN – 9781454919544 – £11.99
  • Both books are available from or by calling 01273 488 005

To read part two of my book reviews, check out the blog next week as we review ‘Dance is For Everyone’ and ‘Ella Who?’





Make your own Robot

Make your own Robot

Have you ever thought about how to make your own robot?  As I have two little boys who are robot obsessed, this was the perfect craft for us this weekend.

I am going to own up and say that this is not my idea.  One of the boys made a robot at kindergarten and brought it home.  Unfortunately it ripped though which he was pretty sad about.

So as it is chucking it down today – it literally hasn’t stopped raining all morning! – I thought we could try and recreate them.

What you need to make your own robot

  • Scissors
  • Coloured paper
  • Glue
  • Toilet roll
  • crayons
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • String

How do you make your own robot?

It is actually pretty easy to make this and the kids pretty much did it all by themselves.

You start off by cutting 10 long strips out of the paper.  The boys wanted a different colour for the arms.  I cheated here and just folded the paper in long strips and then the boys cut along the lines.  This gave them some guidelines to follow, which just made it a little bit easier.

Once you have the long strips, you need to make the body, arms and legs.

To make the body, take two strips and glue them together at 90 degree angle.

Then you fold the bottom strip over the top one, and keep going. The boys both got in a bit of a muddle here, they forgot a couple of times which way they needed to fold.  In fact, I am going to admit it, I also did it at one point.  So just make sure you are paying attention (unlike us) and folding in the right direction, otherwise you will need to start again.

Once this is done, repeat for the two arms and two legs.  Then you just need to glue the arms and legs in place.  In hindsight it might be easier, and less messy to use a stapler, unfortunately I have no idea where our one is!

Then for the head, we needed to use our imagination.

I had not thought it through and as I sat and pondered what we were going to do, L came up with an idea.  Get a toilet roll and cut it in half.

After that, just get the kiddies to colour the toilet roll head in and stick on some googly eyes.  We also used a pipecleaner for horns.  We just cut two little holes on either side of the head and threaded them through.

After that just poke a little hole in the head and thread through some string.  Voila, the robot is ready to be hung up.  Or, in our case played with.

Make your own Robot

I would love to know if you try this at home. Please let me know in the comments how you get on.

For more crafts and activities for children, check out our posts here.