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Yummy Cookies – Quick and Easy

The boys love cookies and I have to say I am pretty sure it all started with the cookie monster. …

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Moving House with Children – Top Tips

Moving House with Children – Top Tips

Moving house with children is quite the upheaval for them.  Trying to reassure them when they feel like their whole world has gone topsy turvy is no easy task.

We have seen all sorts of emotions from the boys over the last few weeks; tears & sadness, excitement, bad behaviour, nightmares.  It really has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

The boys have both coped very differently with the move.  D has largely been excited about moving home and being closer to family and friends.  He has, in the past, been upset about living so far away from people, sometimes asking “why does everyone I love live so far away.”  So this has been a huge driving factor for him wanting to move.  If you ask him he says he can’t wait but on the flip side the dreaded tantrums have made a reappearance.  He is very emotional with simple things setting off screaming fits.  I think that although happy about the move it is still a lot for him to take in.

L has been very different.  He says he doesn’t want to move.  He says he doesn’t want ‘everything to be changing’ and that he is scared and sad about the move.  Given the choice, he would stay in the German house and not leave his friends.  Rather than tantrums this has been coming out in bad behaviour, not listening and generally being a bit of a monkey.  Also, the nightmares have started up again.  These always start when L is feeling unsettled.

I think it hasn’t helped that the weeks before the move, I was in hospital.  Then a week after that Daddy returned to London to sort the house out (painting and sanding floors).  This has made him feel even more unsettled.

moving house

So how have we been dealing with it?

Well it is really tough and I am not sure we have been dealing with it particularly well.

I feel for them and know that they are feeling unsettled and a little frightened.  So, while I have been dealing with any bad behaviour in the usual way, I have been making sure I am around for any chats and cuddles.

When we move we have also agreed to a Star Wars bedroom, which will be kitted out with a Star Wars feature wall, duvet, rug and lightsaber night lights.  I am hoping that will soften the blow somewhat.

I asked my fellow bloggers if they had any tips of helping children through a house move…

Laura – Five Little Doves

“We made sure that the children’s rooms were decorated and unpacked before anywhere else so that they immediately felt at home in the new house.”

Laura – Dear Bear and Beany

“Let the boys have a box of essential toys so they have things to hand as soon as you arrive.”

For more tips also check out these blog posts:

Skye at Cuteness and Chaos

Emma at Fashion Mommy


#SMB-Facebook Page Week-Thumbs Up!

#SMB-Facebook Page Week-Thumbs Up!

Doesn’t it crack you up when people think that Blogging is an “easy” job. There are so many pieces and parts to running a great blog, it’s hard to keep up with it all. When you started your Blog did you realise everything that needed to go into a post? Me neither!

Finding other Bloggers on Social Media, to follow and be followed by, opens doors. It connects us with others, leads more people to our sites who then share our work on Social Media. Are you blogging to yourself? Do you want to be noticed, but don’t know how to get there?

Running your blog in a vacuum is a futile process. “Build it and they will come” is just a line from a movie. Instantaneous Stardom rarely happens in real life. You have to be seen to be noticed.

Social Media Blast. Facebook Week. Thursday at 9 PM EST Bloggers working together to grow our social media platforms. Brands are looking for large, engaged communities, let's work together to grow and prosper.

Reasons to Grow Your Social Media Platforms with Other Bloggers

Social Media connects us with others who find value in our posts. It helps us to grow our audience and hone our skills. It puts you in the position to be noticed by fans and Brands.

It’s hard work to grow your Social Media Platforms. Taking photos, editing them, creating different sizes for Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Phew! I’m tired already. Aren’t you???

And we haven’t even created the posts and written the Social Media Updates yet.

Or scheduled them. Found the appropriate hashtags. Or, at the very least, hashtags that aren’t flagged as spam. ARG!

Check out the Top Five Reasons why you should be working together with other Bloggers, then add yourself to the linkup and let’s all grow together. We got this!

Social Media Blast. Thursday at 9 PM EST Bloggers working together to grow our social media platforms. Brands are looking for large, engaged communities, let's work together to grow and prosper.

Meet your hosts:


Nikki from View From In Here Jessica from Adventures of a Cavemom
Lindsey from Lindsey Tradup Yvonne from Double the Monkey Business
Gidget from Mommy Perfect Rena from Fine, Whatever Blog
Leah from Elm Photo Studio Leanne from Smiles and Sunday

Top Five Reasons To Grow Your Social Media Platforms

ONE: Bloggers are a cool, creative bunch. I love reading updates from other Bloggers on my Social Media Feeds. We are so doggone fun! When I’m having a creative dry spot I get my best ideas from the Bloggers that I follow. (Bonus points for a great food video, or crazy cat vid? Amiright?!)

TWO: Bloggers know all the good stuff. Need a recommendation for a hotel while on vacation? Ask a Blogger. Looking for potty training tips? Ask a Blogger. DIY? Decorating? Paint Colours? Get it? Follow Bloggers from every niche and all the answers you need are at your fingertips! Boo-Yah!

THREE: Algorithm Changes drive you crazy? Yeah, me too. But guess what? Another Blogger has already figured it all out. And you follow her/him! Score. Think about all those hours of research saved.

FOUR: Is there anyone more fun to hang out with than a Blogger? I think not.

FIVE: Okay, here’s the REALS. You want people to read your blog, right? You’re working to raise your Pageviews. You may even be thinking about making money from your Blog. Perhaps you’ve started to Monetize, but you’d like to make more income. Maybe you want all these things, but it’s a slow process?

Guess what? Growing your Social Media Platforms, hanging with other Bloggers, can help you achieve all these things. But working together with other Bloggers can speed up the process.

Social Media Blast. Facebook Week. Thursday at 9 PM EST Bloggers working together to grow our social media platforms. Brands are looking for large, engaged communities, let's work together to grow and prosper. Social Media Blast Requirements

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This week is Facebook week.

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To find the URL to your Facebook Page, open up Facebook, click on your business page and copy the URL.

My URL is: 

Yours should be similar. 

By the way, share this, let’s reach out to as many bloggers as we can, we’ve made it easy to Tweet above. Let’s make 2017 a year for blogging community!


Craft with the letter C: Caterpillar

Craft with the letter C: Caterpillar

It has been a little while since we did alphabet crafts, mainly because the boys have had very definite ideas about what they want to do on our craft days.

I have definitely created some craft mad children, they want to be creative all the time.  But, they are also stubborn (dare I say it, like me) and know what they want.

As our crafting days are really for them to learn and be creative, I never want to stem their creative flow as it were, so I just let them get on with it.  Besides it can be fun, I loved when they asked to do Octonauts Masks, it was fun to think about how we were going to do them.

Anyway, it is going to be a little bit like buses, in that we did two alphabet crafts today; C and D.

Craft with the letter C: Meet Chris the Caterpillar

What you need:

  • Card
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stickers to decorate
  • A pen

How to make Chris the Caterpillar

This craft with the letter C is so incredibly easy.  All you need to do is cut lots of little circles out, use a stencil if you need to.

Then stick the circles – big one first – in the shape of a C.

After that all you need to do is draw the face on the large circle and decorate the remaining circles. Then cut the ‘C’ out.

Both boys did this with ease, I drew the circle and they did the rest.  They just needed a little guidance when cutting the finished product out.  L just sat on my knee so I could help guide him.

I hope you can recreate this simple craft at home.  If you like this then check the blog in a couple of weeks for crafts with a letter D.

If you liked this craft, you can check out the crafts with the letter A and B here:



Top Tips on Moving House

Top Tips on Moving House

If you saw my post last week you will know that we have been in the process of moving house. If you missed my post ‘Auf Wiedersehen Germany…’ then you can read it here.

With all the chaos of moving, it has got me thinking about what we really need to consider when moving house. On reflection here are some of my top tips for when you move house:

Get removals to do the packing for you

This is an expensive option, but if you are afford it, it is well worth it.  I think when you have children it just makes life so much easier.  Not to mention it is a whole lot quicker.  The removals can pack up our house in two days.  It would probably take me about two months if we were left to do it on our own.

Have bedlinen ready!

We actually had the bedlinen in the car with us, so that it was ready to be used at the other end.  That meant all we needed to do was put the beds up and they were ready to go.  This is especially important, if like us, you have travelled a long distance between homes.

Get vacuum packed bags

Although we were moved with hubby’s work, we did do a little bit of packing before hand.  Vacuum packed bags are a life saver when you have limited space in a removal van.  In advance we basically packed anything that wasn’t in use, duvet covers, towels, winter clothes.  The best thing is, as we moved in the summer, we could just pop the winter clothes and jackets in the loft for a few months!

Try to sort as much as you can in advance

One of the things we have realised is that after the move you really just want to get settled.  Which means unpacking and nesting into your new home.  So we tried to sort as much as we could before we moved.  We filled out all the new GP and dentist forms in advance, organised internet to be connected, sorted all the bills and council tax.  So all the boring stuff was done in advance. Leaving you lots of time to work out where is the best place to put your favourite painting or photographs.

Moving House

I asked around the blogging community to see what tips others have for moving.  Here is what they had to say:

Laura at Dear Bear and Beany

“Have a box for all the essentials like kettle, cups, breakfast things for that first morning.”

Jo at Cup of Toast

Jo has done a series of posts for moving house, which truly covers everything you need to think about when moving house.  You can check out part one and part two of this comprehensive list here:

Skye at Cuteness and Chaos

I love this post from Cuteness and Chaos, it is an emotional one about saying goodbye to a house that has been a home for 10 years.

Emma at Fashion Mommy

Emma breaks down a house move into three steps.  I am definitly going to bear in mind what to expect from the ‘Settling In’ stage.

Something a little light hearted….

When I was chatting to fellow bloggers about moving house, Emma Reed from shared this funny story with me, she was certainly determined to have that piano on the top floor:

“We were living with my in-laws to save for a deposit and when we finally came across a house we couldn’t wait to move in… only problem is I have a piano and the downstairs area is pretty small being just the living room, hallway and kitchen.

“The house goes up 2 floors and my amazing idea was to have my own music room… on the top floor! Now, if we had professional movers this may have been an easy task but we did it all ourselves.

“It went up the first set of stairs fine as these are straight but the second flight turns- think Friends and the scene with Ross shouting ‘PIVOT’ and you basically have that but with an upright piano and 5 people trying to manoeuvre it up and around a bend. The wall took a slight battering and needed re-painting and my father in law was cursing me and threatening to give in but we got there in the end… with everyone telling me that I am to never move ever again!

“Once I have an idea that is usually me set on it and I am stubborn as hell but it worked and I am very happy having my own room for music.”