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Consent: A Simple Word

DISCLAIMER: this post contains my views on the Stanford rape case and questions sexual consent.  This might make for uncomfortable reading for…

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I will fly you to the moon and back…

“I will fly you to the moon and back, if you’ll be, if you’ll be my baby …”

Today has been a miserable day, by that I am referring to the weather.  The constant, never-ending rain.  Even more depressing than this is the constant reminders of how nice it usually is, through wonderful apps such as timehop.  Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of timehopping.  But, not when it reminds me of sunny days of yesteryear.  As regular readers will probably have realised, I do not have much love for rain.

Anyway, the question on days like this is how on earth do you entertain two three-and-a-half-year-olds (don’t forget the half).  I have come to realise that if I do not provide constant entertainment, then tears and tantrums can be plentiful!

First of all we decided to brave the world of painting.  The kids love painting.  It is a good way to keep them occupied.  In reality though, they only want to do it for an hour max and then they get bored.  An hour out of a whole day is not really enough to stop the squabbles.

Then inspiration struck:

On the radio at lunchtime today, I was listening to a DJ who was talking about the exciting day ahead tomorrow.  For those that have been hiding under a rock, Tim Peake is on his way home after six-months in space.  Which by any standards is pretty cool.  The DJ was also playing Savage Garden’s “To the moon and back” which I love!

Let’s go to the moon!

So I thought; let’s make a rocket.  That will be loads of fun and the kids will love helping me.  I ran the idea past the monkeys who agreed that would be loads of fun.  Particularly as they will get to visit the moon afterwards.

So off to the cellar we trekked as we dug out a large cardboard box to use.   My initial plan was to create the rocket in the cellar, which is not as awful as it sounds, we have decorated it and made a nice messy play area for craft activities.

 However after Bob L noticed Mr Skinnylegs – a spider to anyone that is lucky enough to have never watched Peppa Pig – the mission was suspended while we transferred to the house.  I find it strange that L has a huge fear of spiders as no one else in this house is remotely bothered by them.


My Skinnylegs and George Pig

Anyway, once we I carried everything upstairs we got to work.

It turns out that the putting together of said rocket, along with cutting out of the doors and windows, is a tad boring when you are three.  The monkeys were soon pretty restless and desperate to just get on with making a mess decorating the rocket.

Also, as it turns out, cutting a round window on a cardboard box is not that easy.  Well not if you want it to resemble anything like a circle.

So, eventually – after lots of: “don’t glue that there”, “just wait” and “no you cant play with scissors” – the much awaited rocket was finally ready to be decorated.  An activity that was over in less than ten minutes.

fly me to the moon....

Bob D decorates the door


Bob L adds some much needed stickers


Blast Off!

It was soon time for my little spacemen to take off to the moon and have lots of fun.

It was funny listening to the boys count down from ten.  They get a bit confused counting backward and it usually goes something like this: “ten, nine, eight, nine, six, seven, five, five, four, two, three, two, one”.  They get there eventually and soon they were waving to me from my perfectly cut window (ahem!) as they took off on a new adventure.

Ten minutes later they were asking to watch Shaun the Sheep.

Seems like an awful lot of work for not much playtime afterwards.  On the plus side, they are now watching Shaun the Sheep from inside the rocket, through my perfectly cut window.  So it has not been a complete waste.

Happy Friday!


The Rocket! Probably not very Pinterest worthy!



Huffington Post: Our News!!

Huffington Post Blogger: It has been something I have often dreamed off.

I spend far too much time on the site reading articles and I have always dreamed of being featured there.

Writing to the Huffington Post

A few weeks ago I read a couple of blog posts by writers who had been successful in their bid to write for the Huffington Post.  They detailed how they managed to achieve that success and I wondered….

I wondered what would happen if I were to try.

Then I thought; the worst that could happen is to get no response.  I reasoned surely that was better than not trying at all?

I had heard that sending articles through their normal submission process was probably not the best way to go.  I had also heard that Arianna Huffington, was happy to receive submissions directly.

One Saturday morning, as I drank my coffee and updated my blog, I thought “Why not!?!”

I had just submitted a post to my blog that I thought fitted with the Huffington Post style, so I sent the link directly to Arianna.  I kept my email short and sweet.  I explained who I was, the premise of my post and said I would love to be considered.

I sent the email and waited.

Then 2 weeks ago, I was sat at home with a poorly child and an email came through.  I had to do a double take when I saw who it was from…. Arianna Huffington.  My heart skipped a beat as I opened the email.  I was thrilled when I saw an email saying she would love to feature my voice on HuffPost.

I was so excited, I just couldn’t believe it!!

It took a little while to get my log in details through, but a few weeks later I was greeted with the much awaited email.

An invitation from Huffington Post!!

I decided not to wait a second more and set up my profile.  This took me ages as I checked and double checked what I had written.  Then I got my hubby to check just to be sure.  Check out my bio here.

Once this was done, I uploaded my post.  I checked, double checked and got my hubby to proof read it.  Then set it to publish.

That was the scariest thing, hitting the publish button. I was so excited when I realised it had gone live straight away.

Check it out my post here:

Huffington Post: Potty Training

I am so excited about this, I feel like it is such a milestone for my writing and my blog.

I can now officially say I am a contributor to the Huffington Post and I still cannot quite believe it.  It was only six months ago that I started Double the Monkey Business and I can’t believe all the great things that have happened since.

I really feel that I need to say a special thank you to my friend Joe.  Without his pep talk at the beginning of the year, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to start my blog and put myself out there! I think I owe him a beer (or two, or three) when we are back in the UK!




Bobadeg Books: Do you know your poo?

The boys love books, if they find a book they love then we are guaranteed to read them over, and over, and over again….

Bobadeg BooksA few weeks ago I started having a chat with the super nice Fiona from Bobadeg.  She has a range of personalised kids’ books.  As she knew I was in middle of potty training the monkeys, she offered to send me two personalised books, on the subject matter of poo.

I knew that the boys would love this, what with poo being their favourite topic at the moment.  Well, that and Star Wars.  So I didn’t hesitate in saying yes.  I just needed to provide a photo of the boys so she could create the books.

Before I go on to the review of the books, here is a little bit about the company.  Fiona is the founder of the company, which is based in the UK.  She has developed a range of fun and educational, personalised books for children aged five and under. The aim is for each product to provide a unique learning adventure, personalised for the child making them feel special.

Fiona says: “All of our books can be personalised with your child’s photo and name.   A number of our customers comment on how proud their child or grandchild feels when they receive their book and how often they go back to it once they have received it.”


So onto the review.  I was so impressed with the glossy design when I opened the envelope.  The book is really good quality and made of tough material.  This is so important as my boys have a tendency to accidentally rip books, a habit that drives me mad!  I think they would be hard pushed to do that with these.  It also means the books are very durable, designed to be read and re-read over and over again.

The pictures on the books were bright, colourful and eye-catching with an easy to read font.


Onto the subject matter.  The book follows the monkeys on their own personal adventure discovering various animals’ poo along the way.  Eventually ending up in their own toilet and, most importantly, washing hands afterwards.  The book is funny and perfect for nearly four-year-old’s who find anything to do with poo hilarious!   From a parental perspective, I liked important message about washing hands afterwards.  It was a well-thought out addition and something that I am constantly going on about to the boys.

So what did the boys think of the books?

Bob L: “Good and funny mummy”

Bob D: “its all about poo, elephant poo is the best!!  I want to read it again”  **** Giggles uncontrollably ***

IMG_3504 IMG_3501

I have to point out at this stage that the boys have read these books over and over again since we received them.  They are a huge hit and often have the boys in fits of giggles.

On the back of each book, there are examples of some more adventures that the boys could go on,  they were particularly interested in the book where they can fight dragons!

I would highly recommend these books and starting from £9.99, they are a great price.  I think these would make a really lovely idea for a present as well, particularly as each book is personalised.

How do you order?

You can order through their website:   Once you have selected a book, pick a size and fill in the personalisation boxes so that they have the child’s first name, the message that you want to appear on the inside cover of the book and upload a photo.  Then just add to the cart and go to checkout.  Simple, quick and easy!

For more information on these books please either visit their website:, or visit them on twitter or Facebook.

I want to thank Fiona for giving me the opportunity to review these lovely books, the boys love them.


I was gifted these books in exchange for an honest review. All words, opinions and photographs are based on our experience of the product.


Meet Other Mums Blog Squad

We have joined the blog squad…..

Jumping for Joy after joining the Blog Squad!

Jumping for Joy after joining the Blog Squad!

Some eagle eyed readers may have noticed a new badge on the side of my blog, saying I am now a member of the blog squad.

I am super excited to see my first post published as part of their regular blogging team. See my post here:

Also you can find me on the Bloggers ‘wall of fame’:

This week has been an exciting one for Double the Monkey Business – stay tuned for more news later on in the week 🙂 xxx

meet other mums