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Summer Holiday – Week Two with Monkeys

Summer Holiday – Week Two with Monkeys

So what did we get up to in week two with the monkeys, I hear you cry?

The week started off with excited boys going to pick their big cousins up from the airport! The monkeys have loved spending time with their cousins.

It was my nieces birthday mid-week.  Unfortunately I had to pop into work first thing. I am on the radio on a Wednesday, so once that was complete I could join in the fun.

In the afternoon we went along to the swimming pool.   We went to one a little bit further away, as they have better slides for the adults.  When we arrived the Olympic diving had obviously inspired some people as the crowds gathered to watch people diving (or more accurately belly flopping) into the pool.

We got closer to watch the action.  Then we realised there was a little boy – who must only have been 6 or 7 – up on the highest diving board.  People were cheering him on but he had frozen. He was there for a long time before he decided it wasn’t for him.  The mummy in me wanted to go up and give him a huge cuddle.

The rest of the afternoon flew by in a flurry of waves, bubble pools and river rapids!

After this we ventured into town and had the biggest pizza’s I have ever seen.  They were delicious.  We were all surprised by how easily the two monkeys devoured one pizza between them.  We followed it up with an ice-cream treat to finish the day off.

Big bit of pizza for a little guy! X

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Wednesday was also ‘rainbow’ day. When we left the restaurant it started raining, so Daddy ran off to get the car so he could pick us all up.  When he retuned we noticed a fantastic rainbow.  The boys were convinced Daddy created the rainbow during his trip to get the car.  Something which he was pretty pleased about.  Only problem is, now the boys keep asking him to do it again, something he is finding quite difficult!!!

So what other things have we been up to?

Well we managed to get to the animal park one day for a little while.  It wasn’t the best weather (in other words it was drizzly rain the whole time), but we did manage to make it for the bears getting fed which was exciting.

Highlight of the Tierpark, the Bear!

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We went out for a fab brunch on Saturday, followed by a trip to a flea market afterwards.

Movie Park

However Sunday was the big day.  We went to Movie Park, it was even better than I could ever imagine.  It was very much a German equivalent to Universal Studios and, although not cheap, is a great day out.  The park is split into sections, including Nickelodeon Land, the Wild West and a recreated American high street.  The boys eyes were wide with wonder as we entered Nickelodeon Land, and it didn’t take them long to spot the ninja turtles ride.

The monkeys are new to the turtles, but they love them as most boys do.  They were even more sold on the turtles when daddy said he loved them when he was a boy, the boys response was ‘cool’ (a favourite word for them at the moment, along of course, with ‘why’).

Anyway, the boys were thrilled to drive go-carts round the ninja turtles street. 

They excitedly went from ride to ride.

However D’s favourite was the dodgems, he screeched with delight as he bumped into people.

The highlight of the day was the parade.  This started with a selection of ‘movie style’ cars but then the real fun began when some well known characters walked past.  The first one of note to our monkeys, was Chase from Paw Patrol.  The boys love Paw Patrol and they stared in disbelief as he walked past.  L was actually shaking and D held his head in his hands, mouth wide open in amazement.   Just when we thought you could not get any better, two of the ninja turtles walked past – don’t ask me which ones as I have no idea, although I imagine the boys would know.  As they walked past they one of them high-fived both boys.

This is the stuff of dreams really, some of your favourite characters right there in front of you.

I will never ever forget the look on their faces!

The rest of the days were spent wandering around the park, soaking in the fun atmosphere and the big kids going on some rides.  For anyone following me on Instagram, you may have seen the ride that my husband was threatening to try out, on my Instagram stories.  Well I can report that he did try it out, accompanied by my two nieces.   I on the other hand had to graciously stay behind to look after the monkeys – translated as being a big scaredy cat!

We finished the day with a trip to the gift shop.  The boys picked a Paw Patrol toy each but this was a tough call!!  They found it difficult to decide.  However, this was a bit of a bonus for me as I now have loads of birthday pressie ideas for next month!

After a long and sunny day – where I forgot to put sunscreen on myself and burnt my shoulders – we made the long trip home, one which was a lot longer than expected due to bad traffic.

So that was our week, we are halfway through the summer holiday now and the boys have been having a ball.

If you want more up to date updates, pop over and visit us on Instagram.

On Thursday, we are running away to my Mums for the last week.  For those that may have missed it, I have had my third post published with Meet other Mums which is on this subject.  Would love you to check it out here….

If you are wondering about my blogging plan over the summer holiday, then please see this post here.  We are on a bit of a break at the moment, normal service will resume next week


The Summer Holiday Blogging Struggle

The Summer Holiday Blogging Struggle

If you read my post the other day, you will know that we are one week into the summer holidays here in Germany.

The boys have enjoyed having time off and if I am honest I think they were ready for it.  They were struggling the last couple of weeks at kindergarten.

We have had a great time so far and been up to all sorts, including meeting this guy:

Hello there! One from yesterday. D thought this one got a bit too close for his liking!!

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It has been lovely to have some more time with the kids, however I have to admit it has been a struggle to juggle everything.  With the kids around all the time I have found blogging a struggle.

The Struggle

I like to get a blog post out three times a week as a minimum, however I am finding it hard to concentrate on posts with the kids around.  For some reason in the evenings I am too tired to think about a post, wonder why that could be?

Also I keep forgetting to link my blog up to my usual blogging linkies.  Or I remember and I am one of the last to add my posts.

This has all been stressing me out as I feel like I have not been giving my blog it usual attention.  Yet at the same time I want to enjoy the summer with my boys.  Oh and I still have a little thing called work to have to manage too.

The Struggle

This is me trying to juggle and dropping everything….

What to do???

So, the upshot is, I have decided to stop being so hard on myself.  For the month of August I am going to just try and post when I can, rather than my usual schedule.

The way I see it is the kids are only small once.  The summer holidays will soon mean them going off with friends.  There will come a point where they don’t want to hang out with mummy anymore.  So I want to appreciate every minute while I can.

On the plus side, all this fun we have been up to has been great for getting to grips with photography and my Instagram account.  Instagram has been given a lot of love and attention lately.  I have to admit I have really enjoyed playing around with our photos.

I have read a few posts lately where bloggers have had a digital detox, I do like that idea but I worry that if I did that, I would end up getting out of the habit of blogging altogether.  So, for now I don’t think I am going to be taking things that far.

I can promise that in September Double the Monkey Business, will resume normal service.  Anyway I have a lot to blog about that month, there is a very important double monkey birthday coming up….  Oh if anyone has any tips on what to get twin four-year-olds for their birthday then I would love to know your ideas.


Does anyone else struggling to blog when the kids are on holiday?  Do you have any tips to help?  Do you have a digital detox?




Olympics – Our Family Milestone

Olympics – Our Family Milestone

For most people the start of the Olympics is a fun time, people settle down to enjoy the opening ceremony and look forward to counting how many medals they get for their home country.


The Olympics will always mean something a bit more to me. You see, four years ago when London hosted the Olympics I was heavily pregnant with the monkeys. In fact, my last day working in my London office was the day of the opening ceremony. Good timing I hear you say…it definitely was.

So, my memories of the London Olympics were less about trying to get tickets to any of the events or soaking up the atmosphere near the stadiums.  It was more about managing my ridiculously huge bump, keeping my swollen feet elevated and watching all the events on TV. And guess what…I could not have been happier.

London Olympics - Tower Bridge

Opening Ceremony

It really didn’t worry me that my hubby got to go to see some of the events; I was marvelling at the miracle that I had twin babies inside of me and it was all very real as I could feel them both kick me as I watched the opening ceremony.   It was such an incredible and special time, discomfort aside of course.

I have never tried to pretend that being pregnant with twins was easy. I have never said it was a walk in the park. It wasn’t. It was hard, uncomfortable and created havoc with my back. But, there is an undeniable beauty about knowing you have two little bubbas inside of you.

The opening ceremony at the London Olympics was an incredible experience, my parents were visiting and I was incredibly relieved to no longer have to do the long journey into Bank on the Northern Line. What I didn’t know on that day is that I would never do that commute again. I didn’t know that one year down the line I would be handing my notice in and packing up our life to move to Germany.


As I sat watching the fireworks and enjoying the music, I still had no comprehension of how much my life was going to change. I really did not know how much these two little monkeys would make me feel whole and complete, while at the same time bringing with them a lifetime of mummy worry and guilt. I will take the worry and guilt though. Every. Single. Day. It is all 100% worth it.

As I sat and watched the closing ceremony a few weeks later, I was bigger and more uncomfortable than before. I sat and wondered when I would get to meet them. What would they look like? Would they have blond hair? What colour eyes did they have?

I had not heard of HELLP Syndrome. I had no idea the journey that was ahead.


Sitting here, four years later, I can reflect on how much life has changed. How two little faces and cheeky grins can make my heart melt.

In four short years, they have went from a swelling of a tummy to two determined, happy, enthusiastic and funny little boys. They have grown to the point where I wonder how on earth these big boys ever fitted in there. I find it hard to recall the small little bundles that I took home all those years ago.

So, for our little family, the Olympics are always special. They are always a benchmark.

I remember thinking the next time these Olympics are on it will be 2016. The monkeys will be here. I will know what they look like, what their hair colour is and what colour eyes they have.

As I sit here now, all my questions have been answered.

I am thankful every day.

Let me know in the comments if what the olympics mean to you.


Have We Survived Week One of the Holidays?

Have We Survived Week One of the Holidays?

So we are one week down, I repeat, one week down.  We have reached the end and have just about survived intact.

Wine has helped.

Quick Getaway

Well I kicked the week off by running away and jumping on a plane.  No, in case you are wondering, I am not joking.  See my post here.

I went away with a couple of friends and just about managed to survive by shopping, eating and possibly drinking too much prosecco.

The boys managed a little too well without me – with daddy managing a trip to the zoo and a day out to the local medieval festival.

After a lovely weekend away, I couldn’t wait to see my wee family.  I was actually running out of the doors waiting to give them a hug.  Unfortunately they were not there, stuck in traffic so I had a restless ten minute wait for them to arrive.

So what have we been up to this week?  Have we survived?

The hubby and I have been sharing childcare and this has been pretty successful I think, on the whole.  We have survived.  However my blog has suffered a little due to having less time to sit down and concentrate.

The boys get pretty restless if they are in the house all day, so we have been trying to get them out and about.

We had a fun day at the swimming pool on Monday.  Our local pool is brilliant, slides, waves, bubbles… The boys couldnt wait to get into the pool:

Running as fast as we can to the swimming pool this afternoon. Got to love summer holidays 😀☀️

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Park Life

Tuesday saw a trip to the park.  Which was all very lovely until L decided to climb up the slide the wrong way, something I have told him not to do time and time again.  There was a heartstopping moment as he slipped, however after a few tears, he jumped up and ran off undeterred.   On the other hand, it took me a few days to get it over it.  Parenting eh?

Park life! I want to know where the sun has gone!

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On Wednesday, the boys best kindergarten friend came over for a playdate.

We baked cakes.  Before you get the wrong impression that I am some kind of earth mother able to bake with three nearly four-year-olds, it was one of prepacked box kind.  Still cakes were made, and eaten (all of them).

Boys had a lovely time, even though D had to have a wee nap on the couch half way through.  It all got a little much for him.


Thursday was a pretty quiet day,  we had a lovely catch up with Grandma and Grandad over FaceTime.  I feel forever thankful for modern technology. The boys then got ridiculously over-excited about having a bubble bath, I always regret putting bubbles in the bath , they go a bit giddy with excitement.  Not what you want just before bed.

At bedtime, we had a new instalment of animal stories.  This is a new thing in our family, where the boys choose a selection of animals and we make up a story.  There is only one problem with this.  The animals each have a different voice and sometimes I forget who speaks like who, thankfully the boys dont seem to notice.

Apparently tomorrow the animals are going to space so I better get my thinking cap on!

Friday Fun Day

Friday was a fun day, everything seemed to go wrong for me.  Do you ever just have one of those days?  Everything I did was wrong… to say I felt flustered is an understatement.   Nothing too tragic happened it was more little things, like getting to the shop and realising I have no money, forgetting half the stuff on the shopping list, that kind of thing.

Anyway, we did manage to fit in a playdate, and a chance to have a cuppa with a friend in the morning.  In the afternoon while Daddy looked after the boys, I went to report on something called ‘Camp Adventure’, this was great fun as I got to see what the kids in summer camp have been up to and got to watch their end of year show.  Gives me a little insight into what to expect in the years to come.

German Safari

Yesterday we went to the safari park.  It was a great day apart from the traffic jam we got stuck in.  Instead of taking us 1 hour 20 mins, it took us three hours to get there.  However, once we did it was worth it.  The animals were coming right up to the car, some sticking their head in the window.  Then there were loads of rides for the boys to enjoy afterwards.  It was a fab day, although daddy had to save me as the boys fell asleep on the miniature railway.  Thankfully he came and met me, so we could carry two sleepy boys back to the car.   For all our photos check out our Instagram account here.

In the evening we had a great movie night and let the kids stay up to watch The Good Dinosaur.  They loved the movie and it was nice to let them have a treat.  Sometimes having a nap in the day can be a good thing !

What is coming up for week 2?

This week, we have called in the cavalry.  Our nieces are coming to visit.  Which means the boys get to go to the airport to collect them.  They are so excited to have visitors and seeing the aeroplanes!


We survived