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Merry Christmas – Time for A Break

I am so excited that it is Christmas week!!! Today is my last day at work which is very exciting…

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We are one week away from Christmas people!  I have been loving the festive images on Instagram this week, it certainly is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….

It has been a busy week in our household as we have been trying to get everything just right for next weekend.  The boys are hyper – REALLY HYPER – and I am not quite sure how I am going to keep them going for another week.

Gem at Life is Knutts and I have decided to have a little break over the Christmas period.

We will be back with our roundups in 3 weeks time (8th January), keep tagging us and we will be keeping an eye on your fab photographs and will still be in with a chance of being featured.

I just want to wish every one of you a Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy this wonderful time with your families.  Thanks for joining in with #capturingtheday and see you in 2017!


Unsurprisingly, #capturingtheday has been full of festive cheer.  Here are my favourites from this week.  Check out those Christmas tree brownies, how incredible are they!

Oh and I desperately want that countdown to Santa jumper – I need to get my hands on one for next year!


Instagram #capturingtheday: Brownies shapes at christmas trees and decorated with smarties, a little baby with reindeer ears, a little girl with a countdown to santa jumper, two children dressed as an elf

From top left (clockwise):

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  3. Bump and Beyond: Blog & Instagram
  4. Pink Pear Bear: Blog & Instagram


Pop over to Gemma’s blog to find out more about her week. 

A little girl sits on santas knee. a family with one boy and two girls sit next to santa. a little girl sits with santa. a baby sits with a cuddly santa and snowman

From top left (clockwise):

  1. Hey Little Sweet: BlogInstagram
  2. Five Little Doves: Blog &  Instagram
  3. Midwife and Life: Blog & Instagram
  4. Soppy Mum:  Blog & Instagram


Pop over to Gemma’s account to see what she has picked this week. I want to thank Gemma for being my partner in crime and also for always listening when I send long emails about my latest drama – both blogging and personally!  I owe you a few gins in 2017 that is for sure.

I picked this one because I had no idea that Leadenhall Market was used as Diagon Alley in some of the Harry Potter films!!! I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I loved this:

And…. seeing as it is Christmas I also pick this one.  How fab is this:



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So what are you waiting for?  Join us as we are #capturingtheday.  

Help us spread the word! We want everyone to join in!

I hope you all have a great week, we can’t wait to see what you have for us this week.





Joosr – The Last Minute Gift

Joosr – The Last Minute Gift

Do you need a last minute gift? Are you struggling to get the perfect present for someone? Have you run out of gift ideas?  Are you struggling for time to run to the shops?

I can completely relate. I am hugely struggling this year to keep up with kids, house, blog and get ready for Christmas.

There are a few pressies I need to get and I was a total loss, until I found out about one of the finalists of The Bookseller FutureBook Award 2016. 

Joosr Logo. The perfect last minute gift

(This post contains Affiliate Links. Click here for full disclosure.)

So what is this perfect last minute gift?

The company I am referring to is Joosr and it is the perfect last minute gift for the business savy book lover in your life.

Joosr takes fabulous non-fiction books – covering business, entrepreneurship, careers, money and leadership – and they turn them into fabulous text and audio summaries.  Each book takes just 20 minutes to read, making it ideal for even the busiest of people.

The company can be found online but crucially they also have an app, making it easy to read on the go.

We all know someone who is difficult to buy for, so rather than buy a present that they will never use this is the perfect alternative.

Joosr is like the magazine subscription reimagined for 21st century people who want to read, but simply don’t have the time.

Quirky? Maybe

Clever? Definitely

Answer to all my problems? Absolutely!!!

So what is the cost?

That is the big thing isn’t it?  At this time of the year money is never plentiful and getting that perfect last minute gift can be expensive.  Well I guess this is where I feel a little bit like Santa….

Normally purchasing this gift subscription would set you back £42.99.  BUT the amazing people at Joosr have this currently on offer at £9.95 – how amazing is that!  All this to get 5 new books direct to their smartphone or tablet every week for a whole year.  It is the gift that gives all year round.

Oh and there is more, They have also added a free yearly subscription with every Joosr gift purchase, meaning that you can treat yourself to the joys of Joosr while treating others!

With new books being added all the time and no hassle of wrapping or finding room on a bookcase, it seems like a pretty good deal to me.

To find out more about this offer, it is really easy to sign up.  Just follow this link.


How to Fund a Death Star — A Real One!

How to Fund a Death Star — A Real One!

Have you ever wondered what it would take to fund a death star?

Star Wars – the boys are obsessed with it. By that I mean all three of them – even the big one (aka Daddy!).

Anytime they meet anyone the first thing they ask is “who is your favourite star wars character”. They dressed up as Anakin Skywalker and Darth Maul for halloween.

When we move house next year they have asked for a Star Wars bedroom.

And, guess what they have asked for Christmas? You guessed it – everything related to Star Wars! Star Wars lego, Yoda, Darth Vader, Star Wars PJ’s. I think you get the idea.

Daddy is also super excited about the new film just realised. He is hoping, I think, to get to see it over Christmas. I have to admit I am pretty keen to see it too! I have heard nothing but brilliant reviews.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post*

In the spirit of Star Wars, the team over at Russell Smith Chartered Accountants created this snazzy infographic all about how to fund a Death Star!

An infographic on buying a Death Star from a Chartered Accountant's point of view

The Galactic Tax Returns: How Tax Helped Build the Death Star [Infographic] infographic was brought to you by the team at Russell Smith Chartered Accountants.

I’ll leave it to the guys over at RSCA to explain what inspired them to create this fun little infographic.

Discovering How to Fund a Death Star

As it turns out, it would be pretty expensive to build a Death Star. Who knew?

A couple years back, the American people — a small portion of the American people, mind — petitioned the United States government with a request: Build a Death Star.

The petition, unsurprisingly, didn’t get very far. However, it did prompt a wave of experts and Star Wars enthusiasts to come out with theories and ideas on how humanity could potentially build the greatest power in the universe.

It didn’t take long for researchers to outline the cost of the building such a super-weapon, totalling a whopping $852 quadrillion dollars; a figure that works out to be about 13,000 higher than the GDP of planet Earth.

While that figure seems other-worldly. So far out of reach of our little blue planet, it did beg the question: Even in a galaxy far, far away, could anyone afford to fund a Death Star?

We couldn’t let this question go unanswered!

Star Wars Tax and the Death Star: It’s All About the Numbers

As tax accountants, we knew the only way something like a Death Star would get built was with extreme amounts of public spending.

Hold onto your hats. This is about to get wild!

Despite the reams and reams of expanded universe Star Wars material — books, comics, encyclopedias, games, TV shows and movies — outside the cinematic movie saga, you might be surprised to learn that tax isn’t a subject often covered. We certainly were!

Our look behind the scenes revealed only tidbits on Star Wars tax, including that the Imperial Empire did indeed tax its people, doing so through the Imperial Taxation Bureau.

We aren’t ones to give up, though, so we went back to the drawing board.

After some umming, some arring, and plenty of tea, we decided that we may never know the exact numbers. But we could take a darn good guess at how Star Wars tax and economy worked.

With Earth as inspiration, we looked at all aspects of how global economics works, from tax and GDP to average income. With our little planet as our guide, we took real situations and applied them to George Lucas’ wonderful, fictional world.

Our end result was pretty clear. If the Star Wars world follows similar economic and tax rules as our own — which it appears to do — a Death Star would be easily affordable.

Don’t worry, though; you won’t be seeing one flying over your house any time soon.




Slipping Through My Fingers is a Parenting Blog linky run by Happy Mummy, Double The Monkey Business & Candyfloss & Dreams.

Can you believe that it is December already?  I feel like this year has went by in the blink of an eye.

It is just a few weeks until Christmas and everything is so festive.  Every blog has wonderful posts with a hint of festive cheer. Whether that be Christmas crafts, baking or the famous elf – Christmas is everywhere.

As we reach the end of 2016, we would love to see your development or milestone posts.  What changes have you seen in your children?  What difference have you seen over the last year?

We want to hear about them all!


Slipping Through My Fingers is a place for reflection and championing your little ones achievements.

It doesn’t have to be huge milestones – such as learning to walk – it can be anything.  Little things are just as important when you are a parent.  We want to cheer on your good news, so why not share them with us?


Thanks so much for those who joined in last month!  Our Featured bloggers this month are:

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To join in the fun, link up your posts here.  

We would love to see photos of you & your child and write about the ways in which they have grown.

We cannot wait to read your posts!

Slipping Through My Fingers will run from the 14th of each month, to the end of each month – so plenty of time to join in the fun.

If you have not joined in with a linky before, then Cuddle Fairy has done a fantastic guide which you can see here.  Or you can comment on this post and I will happily help you out.


Rules always make for a nicer place!  We have tried to keep things simple, so please follow these to keep this a happy place:

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