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Viraltag – A Review

Hands up if you are a blogger and you feel like you are constantly running out of time? Well I…

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So that is another week gone and we are nearly at the end of January already! It has been a busy week as hubby was away – again – and I was flying solo all week.   We did manage to sneak some cake baking in to help us through the week!

Yesterday we went to a fab model vehicle exhibition and the boys loved it.  They had everything, including remote control tanks, cars, boats and train.  Check out my Instagram feed to see a few shots from the day.

Thanks to everyone that has tagged us on #capturingtheday.  We are on week 18 and getting loads of pics every week.  It is so nice to see them all.


I loved these four photos for this week.  The first photo sees a mum all dressed up and ready to celebrate her birthday, what I loved about this is I had the same fashion accessory for my birthday meal… a child.  I am sure any mum out there can relate!

The next photo just captivated me, that smiling face is infectious!

I am craving sunshine, these dull days are starting to wear on me and taking photos are so much harder on dull days #bloggerproblems! Anyway, this photo of bright sunshine is one I want to cling onto, Spring is just around the corner people!

The last photo is a lovely pic and what an incredible bench this little girl is sitting on!  I want one for me back garden.

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Pop over to Gemma’s blog to find out more about her week. 

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Please pop over to say hi to Gem this week, she has been feeling poorly this weekend! I loved this picture from her feed this week, as I said above spring is coming (maybe? say it is true!).


If you are discovering this Instagram hashtag for the first time, it is easy to take part.

We want to see a selection of photos, regardless of the topic! So tag #capturingtheday – we want to see variety!

We didn’t want a hashtag that just represented one niche because we want to see them all!  You don’t have to be a blogger to take part, everyone is welcome!

It is so easy to join, next time you post a photo tag us using: #capturingtheday.


Every Sunday we will do a blog post and every week we will feature our eight favourite photos – four each.

These featured images will also appear on our Instagram account with a tag back to your account.

So what are you waiting for?  Join us as we are #capturingtheday.  

Help us spread the word! We want everyone to join in with our Instagram Hashtag!





First Blog Anniversary

First Blog Anniversary

So, we made it to our first anniversary!  We made it past the first year.

I hear time and time again that the majority of blogs don’t make it to a year.  I am chuffed to bits that we are still here!

Where it all began

It was January 18th 2016 when I sat down with my new Macbook.  I had wanted to do a blog, a proper one this time.  Not just the one that I had kept for years as a diary (which you can find here if you fancy being nosey).

I just started writing, and then hit publish on my first post: Finding Out.

HELLP – My Story

In my head my blog would be about my pregnancy journey.  I figured I had a story to tell, awareness to raise and something worthwhile to write about.  I had no idea that this journey into blogging about my pregnancy and HELLP Syndrome, would actually be therapeutic.   In fact it was more than that, it did what counselling couldn’t.  It healed me.  Enabled me to draw a line under it and move on. Isn’t it amazing what the written word can do, the power it has?

I have been so chuffed to have articles on HELLP syndrome now published on the Huffington Post, and our local paper.

It was also a pleasure to work with the Preeclampsia Foundation last year during preeclampsia awareness month.  I am looking forward to supporting them this year as well.

Everything Else

The thing is, although I had a story to tell about HELLP syndrome, I realised that I couldn’t write solely about that.  After all no-one wants to read dramatic post, after dramatic post.  So I interspersed these posts with posts about our life.

In time, these types of posts became the norm.  After all there was only so much to say about my HELLP story.  It eventually reached its conclusion.

Some of my most popular posts were about my life, including the letter to my teenage self, top ten rookie mistakes and never underestimate the ninja.

In time my blog changed, I started doing book reviews and crafts with the kids and I started to co-host Social Media Blast every Friday.

In the summer I teamed up with my pal Gemma (Life is Knutts) and we started a new Instagram community #capturingtheday.  Which has been one of the most enjoyable parts of my week, I love Instagram at the best of times so I have loved seeing people tag us in their photographs.

I have also branched into the inevitable, reviews and sponsored posts, which I have loved doing as I have discovered some fabulous products.  I have also had fun doing my first Twitter giveaway this week.

Friends and Tribes

Now here is the unexpected surprise.  I knew that there was a blogging community out there and I was lucky enough to stumble across a load of linkups and Facebook sites that fellow bloggers use.  Facebook groups, like Blogger Club UK, are really valuable for the blogger.  Not only does it mean you are getting supported by fellow bloggers, but it helps you to find and follow other bloggers progress.  When I say supportive, for the most part, I really and truly mean it.  You will see that I share a lot of stuff from other bloggers – they do the same with my content.  This really helps to get our blogs noticed, and for that support I am truly grateful.

Anyway, there is more to it than just this.  I have actually made friends.  Real proper friends that I can talk and rant to when required.  People who, although I have never met (how crazy is that?), I know I can count on.  This year I plan to actually meet up with these new friends and I cannot bloomin’ wait.  After all, who can understand this crazy world of blogging better than other bloggers?

I am now going to share with you some of the nicest bloggers you will ever virtually meet.  I am sure that a lot of these names will be familiar to you if you read my blog or follow me on social media:

This list could actually go on and on, but I will leave it there for now.  I think you get the idea!


When I look back at the goals I set myself in the summer, I was amazed that I have ticked the majority off.  I say the majority because I still have a LONG way to go with figuring out Pinterest! So that remains a goal for me in 2017.

So that leads me on quite nicely to what do I have planned for 2017!

Well at the end of the year I took part in Aby’s (from You Baby, Me Mummy) end of year wrap party.  It really helped me get to grips with what I want to achieve and put a plan in place for the year.  Also doing this at the same time as other bloggers meant I actually completed it, which was great.  Nothing like the support of the blogging community to give you a much needed kick up the backside when required.

Anyway, I am going to put myself out there and put my goals on the blog.  Then you can all hold me accountable going forward!

So check out my blog on Tuesday to see what I have planned for 2017.  I initially put them on this blog post but when I got to well over 2,000 words I thought it was best to split it into two! You can find the post here once it goes live.

I am truly hoping that everyone has a great year, I want to thank everyone that reads my blog or interacts with me on Social Media! You have made this journey all worthwhile.







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#NewYearNewYou ! Do I feel lucky? *TWITTER GIVEAWAY*

#NewYearNewYou !  Do I feel lucky? *TWITTER GIVEAWAY*


January can be a bit miserable!  Lets face it, once those Christmas decorations are removed and reality hits it can be a bit of a let down, especially if you are starting a diet and taking part in dry January.

One of the ways to combat that is to make a list of fun things to do.  The hubby and I love watching films and he is always trying to get me to watch some of the old classics.

So this January I have decided to take him up on it.  After all #NewYearNewYou!

Join in the #newyearnewyou campaign over on twitter!


Lets have a look at the films I am going to add to my list for the month:


Hubby likes this cult classic from 1973, a futuristic film based on a theme park which is looked after by robots.  Visitors to the park are allowed to live their fantasies through artificial consciousness.

We have the TV series to watch as well; however, hubby says I have to watch the original film first – so this is on the list!

Get Carter

I am sold on this because I LOVE Michael Cane! So I am looking forward to tackling this 1971 film!

Carter (Cane) is a professional killer, when his brother dies under mysterious circumstances in a car accident, Carter travels to Newcastle to investigate.


I have actually seen this film from 1990, but I want to watch it again!

This Martin Scorsese film, sees a young man grow up in a mob and try to rise through the ranks.  Definitly a classic and one I am looking forward to revisiting.

Dirty Harry

The fabulous Clint Eastwood – you can’t go far wrong with this film from 1971.

When a mad man calling himself ‘the scorpio killer’ menaces the city, tough as nails San Francisco Policy Inspected Harry is assigned to track down the psychopath.

Do I feel lucky?  I think I do….

Strangers on a Train

Oh a bit of an Alfred Hitchcock classic here.  This 1951 film is one of the few Hitchcock films that I have not seen.  It sees a psychotic socialite confront a pro tennis star with a theory on how two complete strangers can get away with murder.

Why don’t you join me in beating the January blues, with the #newyearnewyou campaign!  Snuggle up with some popcorn, a roaring fire and enjoy!  You can find all these films and more on Amazon.

So what do you think of the list?  Let me know in the comments if you can think of any to add.



“Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

If you love these films – or like me you want to see them for the first time – then don’t delay!  Join in our #newyearnewyou competition! 

Pop over to my Twitter account: to take part in my free giveaway!!!  All you need to do is follow my Twitter account and retweet my giveaway tweet (see below).  Don’t miss out !!

Good luck!

Terms and conditions:

  • UK participants only
  • One winner will receive ONE bundle.
  • This competition runs until 23:59 on 25/01/2017.  One winner will be selected at random.
  • Should the winner not reply to my request for a delivery address within 14 days then I will randomly select another winner.



Bidvine – An Easy Solution! *review*

Bidvine – An Easy Solution! *review*

Could Bidvine be the solution to my house makeover dilemma?

“From a DJ for your wedding to fixing a leaky tap, Bidvine helps you meet the right pro for your project. Easy communication makes hiring simple, and gets you back to what you love.”

We have bought a lovely home just outside of London.  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  The facade of the house is pretty, rooms spacious and the garden is massive.

It is in an area that we love and I have to say we can’t wait to get moved and settled into living there.

Much as I am totally in love with our house, we are aware that it is a ‘fixer-upper’.  It needs a lot of TLC and we have so many ideas of how to make it our dream family home.

A lock of an old house

*This is a sponsored post*

The problem is where to start…

Much as we have ideas and we know what we want done first, we are worried about finding contractors.  Where do you even start with finding people to help out?

Then rather strangely I was contacted to see if I would review the Bidvine website.  It is a website that finds people in your local area to do all manner of things.  I jumped at the chance to review it and set to work to find someone who could help with the first job. Painting and decorating.

So how does Bidvine work?
The Bidvine Search Page

So, I have seen a lot of search websites in my time, but none quite like this one.

You start with searching for your chosen service and you can choose a variety of options.  I searched for Painters and Decorators. However, I got a little carried away and I also searched for photography lessons, as this is another focus for me in 2017.

What I didn’t expect was the level of detail the search engine asked for.  It doesn’t just give you a list of painters in your area, they asked you to tell them more about the job.  For example; when do you need the work done by, where do you need the work etc.   What a great idea! It really tailors your search results to fit your needs.

Some of the questions asked on the Bidvine website.

I thought I would check for photography lessons as well !

Once you answer the questions – or what you can of the questions – you sit back and wait for your bids to come in.

The bidvine message - says "Sit tight, you will receive custom bids by Thursday afternoon."

I had a message that I would receive my bids by Thursday (in four days time) however, I actually had them through within 24 hours.  I had around half a dozen responses / bids pop into my inbox.  Which I could look at when I was ready.

Easy, simple and clever

I have to admit when I was looking through my quotes today, I was thinking what a clever idea this is. It takes the pain out of searching and calling people individually.  Only companies that are  available or willing to do the work will contact, so no need to call half a dozen companies to find out that only a fraction can even help you.

Red and brown colour swatches

You can choose your preferred method of contact.  So I opted with receiving emails, however you can receive text messages or phone calls.  It really is up to you what is best.

I can’t quite get over how simple it is to use and what a great idea it is.

I really would recommend giving it a try. For future projects I have bookmarked it. I think it will come in really handy over the coming years as we tackle our family home project!

Why not go to the Bidvine Website and give it a try?  Let me know in the comment how you got on.