Children’s Books – Gift Guide for under £15!

Children’s Books – Gift Guide for under £15!

One of the things that I never mind the kids getting for presents is a book! They love reading, so do I, and we love to find new books and authors.  The boys are just starting to read so they love it even more now as they start to recognise the words and letters.

If you are stuck for ideas, then look no further as we have these great ideas for you to choose from:


“You know monsters aren’t real, right?  Yeah. Me too. Except for this one time when my big brother made me forget.”

When his big brothers tell him about scary Frankenbunny, Spencer doesnt believe them.  He knows monsters arent real. But his brothers keep up their scary talk until Spencer forgets what he knows.  After he discovers that the stories were just a mean trick. Spencer hatches a plan to teach his brothers a lesson they will never forget.  Will it work?

£12.99 from Amazon.

Kick! Jump! Chop!

“As fast as you can. You cant beat me I’m the ninjabread man.”

When sparring gets stale, Sensei whips up a new challenge – the ninjabread man.  The mouthwatering martial artist may be fresh from the oven but his skills are sweet, spicy and sure to bring some kick to the dojo.

£12.99 from Amazon

Rocket Shoes

“Zooming, zipping, hopping, soaring, sky-high flying, world-exploring.”

Jose loves zooming, zipping, hopping, soaring and exploring in his high-tech rocket shoes.  Then the mayor bans them amid protests that kids were never meant to fly, so Jose puts his rocket shoes away.  But when a crises occurs, will he break the rules and put those forbidden shoes back on to save the day?

£12.99 from Amazon

Goodnight Little Bot

“Little Bot, it’s time for bed. Let’s get ready, sleepyhead.”

It’s bedtime for Little Bot. He slips his PJs over his power pack and enjoys a few batteries for a tasty snack, but, just like you, Little Bot needs a few more things before he can power down for the night!

£12.99 from Amazon

Dough Knights and Dragons

“In a magical kingdom far to the east, lived a very small knight and a very large beast.”

In a faraway magical kingdom friendship is outlawed between knights and dragons. But one day, a small knight stumbles upon a beast in his lair – and from then on the two are inseparable. can this remarkable pair use their wit, cunning and baking skills to save their friendship and end the edict once and for all?

£12.99 from Amazon

We wish for a monster Christmas

“We wish for a furry monster. A big, hairy, scary monster. Our own stomping, chomping monster for Christmas this year.”

Meet a brother and sister who don’t want the usual toys for Christmas, but a big, hairy monster.  When mum and dad refuse, the siblings take their case to Santa.  And since they have been good all year, Santa delivers and chaos ensues.

£12.99 from Amazon

Big Book of How

This is one for the inquisitive kids out there! This new edition of TIME for Kids Big book of How offers answers to the questions they keep asking.  Questions include, how do you build a tepee? How do diamonds form? How does Wi-Fi work? There are even activities in each chapter!

£17.99, available from Amazon

These books are available from or by calling 01273 488 005.

Disclaimer: We were gifted this in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts are our own.

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