#parentingscoop Mummy’s Diary

#parentingscoop Mummy’s Diary

This month I am really excited to have the lovely Katie from Mummy’s Diary on the blog.  She is taking part in our #parentingscoop series and will be sharing her pregnancy and parenting journey with you.

Mummy's Diary

Over you to you Katie:

Tell us about when you are not in mummy mode

When I am not in mummy mode, I generally feel like I don’t know what to do with myself! I think you get so used to running around after little ones, that when I’m on my own I just don’t know what to do.

I have dropped the kids to school and I have time to myself! Usually, I end up doing household chores or sometimes I will relax in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

If my husband isn’t working we do sometimes go out for breakfast or we spend time sorting the garden out. I love drawing and have recently taken this up again and am hoping to spend more time on this.

Tell us about your pregnancy/pregnancies

On our first pregnancy went really well. I suffered no morning sickness or any issues. We kind of just assumed everything would be ok. You don’t expect to be one of the stories you hear about when they pick up a problem.

But at our scan we were just expecting to find out whether we were having a boy or girl. But, this is actually the anomaly scan and they picked up that our daughter had a suspected duplex kidney.

We had no idea what this was we’d never heard of it before and we were scared. Once our daughter was born she was put on antibiotics and awaited an operation when she was older. She’s now nearly 5 and you’d never know anything was ever wrong with her.

My second pregnancy again went really well and with no sickness. We were always going to be wary of our sons scan and we were right to be as he too had a suspected duplex kidney.

We couldn’t even contemplate going through all of the tests, scans and operation again with our second baby, we were heartbroken!

Luckily a follow up scan showed he actually has a horseshoe kidney which is one large kidney where the two haven’t split. Thankfully, he won’t need any treatment but does have some scans just to check its all still okay.

Where did you give birth?  Did you have any complications?

I gave birth at our local hospital. I had decided in my birth plan that I wanted a natural water birth with no drugs and minimal intervention.

Rob ran me a nice hot bath but as soon I got in there I wanted to get out. I couldn’t stand it. I felt trapped and I had no room to move to make myself comfortable. Rob called the labour ward and we went to the hospital. As my waters hadn’t yet broken I received another sweep and was sent home at 4cm.

About an hour later Rob rang the labour ward again and explained that I really couldn’t bear the contractions any longer. So, reluctantly they called us back in.

I was given pethidine and Rob was sent home.

No sooner had he put his foot through the front door his mobile rang. It was the midwives calling him to return to the hospital as soon as he could.

It was now the early hours of the morning and the midwives were surprised at how quick my labour was progressing. I was already at 10cm and ready to push!

I also ended up having gas and air and an epidural. So, my birth plan went straight out the window!

As there were concerns with our girls kidney, I remember there being a lot of people in the room and toing and froing which really made us feel stressed.

My girls heart rate kept dipping and they couldn’t get a trace on her. As soon as she was born they whisked her off onto a special table to check her over. Luckily she was fine.

At 09:17 on the 8th October 2012 – ten days late – our beautiful daughter entered the world (hand first – the midwives said she was testing the weather!).

She was perfect, I couldn’t look at her long enough. She had a mop of thick dark hair and big bright blue eyes.

My sons labour was much different to my daughters.

A few days before he arrived, I had really bad back ache and thought I was in labour early hours of the morning but the pain soon went.

The next day then I had diarrhea. And eventually while we were out shopping a few days later, I suddenly felt strange and a had a dull achy pain in my tummy and back. Turns out my son was back to back. We headed home and my contractions had started.

We left for the hospital straight away and I was surprised to find I was already fully dilated. In a calm environment five hours later – and ten days – early my son was born.  He was placed straight on to my chest and my husband cut his cord which he hadn’t been able to do with my daughter.

Two days later then we brought him home to meet his big sister.

What were the first few weeks like with a newborn?

I wouldn’t call them scary, but there is definitely a lot to learn. No matter how much you research or google things before hand, you really can never be fully prepared for their arrival.

I remember saying that our baby was nocturnal as she seemed to sleep all day and was awake all night. The house was a mess. You cant really get any sort of organisation going as babies have so much stuff and we really had no room.

I remember being too scared to take her outside for a good few weeks in case she caught a bug. I just wanted to wrap her in cotton wool. With the second it was a lot easier and calmer and you do find yourself not being as strict with yourself as you are with your first.

Do you have any advice for new parents?

All I can say is you will received so much advice from friends and family, and people telling you what to do or your not doing certain things right or the way that they did it with their baby. And to that I say, ignore them! You will find out what works for you and you will know what is best for your baby.

I was told I was spoiling my baby by carrying and holding her too much and that I was making a rod for my own back by doing this and that I’d be stuck with a clingy baby because of this.

Well all I can say to this is they were wrong, and what adult do you know is clingy to their parents because they weren’t put down as a baby? Exactly none. You will find your own rhythm and trust your instincts.

What is your favourite thing about being a parent?

My favourite thing about parenting really is watching them experience new things, develop and learn new things. I was so excited when they learnt to count to five, or when they could put their socks on by themselves!

I know it seems silly, but we’re teaching our children to be independent and be their own person. It’s amazing watching them finding their own way in the world.

What is your funniest parenting story?

This has to be the time when I took my daughter shopping. She must have been about 3 years old, and whilst we were in the shopping centre she told me she needed a wee. So we found the toilets and we had to queue.

My daughter then told me she needed a poo, and then rather loudly asked: “Mummy do you need a poo?” in front of rather a lot of people who all started giggling!

Mummy's Diary

Thanks you so much for joining us Katie!  Thank you for sharing your story with us and talking about your pregnancy journey.  

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