Make your own Calm Down Jar

Make your own Calm Down Jar

One of the things that I have noticed is how tired the boys are now they are at school.  The long days, coupled with learning new things constantly, takes its toll.

One of the knock on effects we have found at home is the boys not always being able to control their emotions.  Tiredness and annoying brothers are a dramatic mix!

So, at the weekend, after yet another argument over a single piece of lego, I had had enough.  I sat the boys down and said we need to find a way to ensure we always use kind words.

I had seen people make a calm down jar on Pinterest (of course!), and suggested to the boys that we maybe make some.

Then when they are feeling cross with each other, or us, they can sit down with these bottles until they are able to talk through what their problems.

I am going to be honest, at first I wasn’t exactly sure it would work. However, I am pleased to report it works a treat.  L even asked for his bottle last night, sat with it for a few moments, then told me what the problem was.  It was all sorted out without any cross words or raised voices. What a relief!

Calm Down Jar – What you need…

  • one clear plastic bottle
  • glitter
  • food colouring
  • glitter glue
  • warm water
  • tape

How to make a calm down bottle

Fill the bottle half way with warm water.  Then add some glitter glue.

Once done add 2 or 3 drops of food colouring.  Don’t put too much in, you just want to colour the water and still be able to see the glitter.

Then add the glitter.

Screw the top on the bottle and secure with some tape, just to make sure it doesn’t leak.

Calm Down Jar

Top Tips

I think one of the reasons this works, is because it was the boys decision to make these bottles.  We discussed why we were going to make them and when we will be using them.  I then let them make the bottles and pick out the colours.

I think this really helped with getting their buy in!

Why not try making a calm down jar at home.  Please let me know how you get on in the comments.


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