Chocolate Egg Surprise maker review

Chocolate Egg Surprise maker review

When I was at the Blogon Conference in September, I came across the Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker.  This fab product looked like something which the kids would love.  They love chocolate, as do I!

When the box arrived it didn’t take them long to work out that this had something to do with chocolate.  And, they bugged me for days to break open the box and get started!  Unfortunately for them they are at school now, so they had to wait for the weekend.

Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker

How does the Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker work?

So inside the box you get everything you need, you just need to buy the chocolate.  The idea is that you melt the chocolate in the bags provided.  I just put them in a mug of hot water, it soon did the trick.

Then you cut open the bag and attach it to the syringe.  The plastic egg mould is slotted into place, as is the syringe and you gently squeeze the melted chocolate into the mould.

Once done, you pop the mould out, stick it in the fridge and wait for it to set.  You then open the mould and pop out the chocolate egg.

The fun part of all of this is that you can add little surprises to the inside of the egg mould, so it can make a really fun present for someone.

The chocolate egg surprise maker is suitable for ages 6+.  But that is not to say that younger kids wouldn’t enjoy this also, they would just need some guidance and support.

What did we think?

The boys absolutely loved this and it didn’t take them long to scoff the lot afterwards.  It took some persuading to even let me take a photo!

I would say that you need to be careful with the type of chocolate.  We tried a few things – galaxy chocolate is an example – which didn’t quite work. However we then switched to cooking chocolate which worked an absolute treat.

The boys are five so they needed a bit of support in doing the fiddly bits. However, they really enjoyed squeezing the chocolate into the egg moulds.  You could hear their squeals of delight at the other end of the street!

Where can you buy this?

You can purchase the Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker from the usual suppliers, including Argos and Amazon for £19.99.  So, another fun idea for a Christmas pressie!

Disclaimer: We were gifted this Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts are our own.

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