First term done – that was quick…

First term done – that was quick…

As my two rejoice in being able to have lazy mornings in their pj’s for the next week, I am gobsmacked with how quickly half term has come around.

It feels like just the other day that I dropped them off for the first day, counting down the minutes until I could collect them.

I still feel like we are finding our feet with regards to routine, so this holiday has taken me by surprise.  That is not to say that the boys don’t need it.

They have been sooooo tired!!!

I had always assumed that the first week would be the worst for grumpiness.  Boy was I wrong!  That is nothing compared to the last week.  We have had silly arguments about the strangest of things.  And, a lot of ‘mum he is bugging me, tell him to leave me aaaalooooonnnneeee!’

This is on a scale that I have never seen before with the boys – and they are not angels (unless you speak to Grandma who would always disagree).

They have been really struggling with even walking home from school.  Just the other day D stopped at the lamppost outside our house.

A massive 2 seconds from the front door. He decided it was all too much and proceeded to strop.  Wanting me to carry him.

No big deal I hear you say.

Until I tell you that he wanted me to carry him back to school and then carry him home again, so he could be carried all the way.

Unfortunately for D, his mum is as stubborn as he is.  After a little while stropping he eventually made it into the house.  Then had a little cry in the hall because life as a 5-year-old is so hard.

Anyway, you get the idea.

The holidays are welcomed by the boys.  And, I have to admit, welcomed by me.  I have missed having my twin whirlwind around, keeping me busy and making me smile.

It is nice to have them home, to bake cakes and cuddle on the sofa.  Who knows we might even get a little crafty over the holidays.

We plan to take the boys to the Science Museum, so will fill you in on how that went.  And, maybe we will take them up to the sky garden, which you can book for free!

I am also looking forward to not having to get them out the door on time each morning (not an easy task), not having a mountain of paperwork to complete from the school whenever they come home and generally not have to rush around getting them from school to their after school activities.

I hope you all have fun with your children over the half term.  Let me know in the comments what you have planned!

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