#parentingscoop Devon Mama

#parentingscoop Devon Mama


I am really excited to have Hayley from Devon Mama on #parentingscoop this week! If you have not come across Hayley’s blog before, please pop over to check it out.

Hayley is a working mama from Devon, she launched Devon Mama whilst on maternity leave in 2016. It’s her little slice of the internet that documents family life, even the messy bits. If you check anything out today, make sure it is her food section, yum!

Tell us about when you are not in mummy mode

It’s pretty rare that I get time ‘off’ from mummy mode, let’s face it, even when we’re not with them we’re still on duty! The main time out I have is when I’m working in the office; something which I do twice a week.

I spend my time wavering between wondering what my son’s up to and completely forgetting he exists; it sounds awful doesn’t it!

The thing is when I’m off duty, I tend to pack as much into my time as possible, whether that’s in the office or on a night out. I love to talk rubbish with my friends and colleagues, eat good food (when I’m out) and just generally focus on being ME for a moment!

Tell us about your pregnancy/pregnancies

My pregnancy went really well. Thankfully I didn’t really suffer with any major side effects, in the first trimester I felt travel sick but it was nothing a few Ritz crackers in the morning couldn’t fix.

Our house needed a lot of work so by the second trimester I was focussed on getting that sorted out, something which took most of my attention.

By the end I was just counting down until labour day.

My midwife convinced me that I would be early; my son’s head was engaged from 30 weeks onward and my mum was early with her first. I could have cheerfully murdered her when I was still pregnant ten days past my due date! Apparently my body is excellent at being pregnant!

Where did you give birth?  Did you have any complications?

Igave birth in our local hospital which is about 45 minutes away. My labour was very quick, I went from first contractions at 8pm to holding a baby five hours later.

Being so overdue, I genuinely thought it was never going to happen and was completely in denial, even convincing the midwife that I wasn’t in labour whilst on the phone.

We finally left for the hospital and arrived at 11.30pm, I made it into the birth pool and gave birth with gas and air by 12.55am. I even remember the midwife exclaiming that I had a shotgun pelvis.

My labour was textbook. I had a small tear due to him being born so quickly but because he was born in the pool, I didn’t feel a thing. We were fortunate that it was a quiet evening and could stay in the birth room until 5am before moving onto a ward.

I transferred to our midwife led unit at 9am – something which meant we had to drive ourselves to the other hospital. Walking in to that hospital with a baby that was only 8 hours old was a very bizarre experience!

I stayed one night for a little help with establishing feeding and was home the next day.

What were the first few weeks like with a newborn?

Overwhelming. Exhausting. Incredible. Honestly those first few weeks were a blur. My father in law and my brother both travelled back from overseas to meet our son so there was a flurry of activity.

My husband was off on paternity leave, the weather was amazing and we just existed in our own little bubble, fuelled by adrenaline. At the end of the two weeks, we were re-admitted to hospital as an emergency with our son seriously ill.

We went from having a baby with a small temperature one evening, to being bundled down to A&E in an ambulance, sirens blaring.

We spent five days in hospital, a couple of those in the PICU which looking back was a very surreal time. My husband and I spent every night crammed onto a small single bed in the corner of a room. When we got out, it was back to reality with just a little more appreciation of how easily things could have been different.

Do you have any advice for new parents?

Trust your instincts and go with what your gut tells you. You’ll be amazed at what you just know. This is your child, not your parents/neighbours/friends, whilst advice is almost always well intended, it can be overwhelming and make you question your own judgement.

Don’t let it.

Everyone is different.

Devon Mama

What is your favourite thing about being a parent?

Seeing my son discover the world. Knowing that I made him. Watching him interact with others, especially those that I love.

Some of my favourite moments are the quiet times we have as a family of three, those moments where it’s just us as a family… I wouldn’t change that for the world!

What is your funniest parenting story?

Oh god. We take our son to swimming lessons every week at the local hydrotherapy pool. My husband takes him in and I sit on the side and watch. One lesson, they were all just about to leave the pool when I saw my husband reach for something in the pool.

Suddenly I hear the teacher shouting ‘SAFE EVACUATION!!!’ over and over. I looked back at my husband and he’s there trying to catch a whole pool load of sick! Our son had swallowed too much water and promptly brought up his entire lunch; there were chunks of granary bread in the pool!!

He threw the baby at me and ran off to the showers to wash himself off whilst I did the walk of shame through the crowd of parents waiting to go in for the next class.

I could hear them all being told that there was vomit in the pool, lifeguards were called in and everyone was stood watching.

It was horrifically embarrassing.

Worst of all, my son was absolutely fine straight after – he was running around the changing room laughing… the traitor!! I’ve never gotten changed so quickly!

Thanks you so much for joining us Hayley!  Thank you for sharing your story with us and talking about your pregnancy journey.  
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