Finding our feet in London…

Finding our feet in London…

It has been a long and exciting summer in our house.  I have had a little blogging break as we concentrate on settling the boys into their new house.

There seems to be a never-ending list of things to do now we have moved back into our own home. However, I cannot deny that I am enjoying being in a house which is all ours.  There is something exciting about making improvement plans to our new home!  I am sure that you will hear more about our house renovations as things start to take shape.

The boys have settled into their new home, although there have been very unsettled times for them at points.  I think we are getting through the worst of it now.  I am sure them starting school (argh!  school! How did that happen so quickly?????) next week will make a difference.  Just having a routine will make us all feel happier.

As this is the last week off with the boys, the blog will be a little quiet again.  However, normal service should resume next week. There will be the usual craft / family posts, a return of #parentingscoop and a new section to add to the blog: London with Kids.

I am looking forward to getting back to the blog next week, so watch this space….

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