Living with Allergies

Living with Allergies

A few years ago it came as a bit of a shock when our little boy became very poorly overnight.

He was covered in a rash, had a cough and his face was all puffy.  It was a really rough ride as we tried to work out what was wrong with him.

We were on holiday in the UK at the time and we were told by a few different doctors that he just had a virus.

Something didn’t seem right though, and one morning I took him to the out of hours clinic.

There we were sent to the children’s ward at the hospital.  Where a doctor diagnosed he had Measles.  This came as a huge surprise as he was fully vaccinated.

However, the doctor assured us that despite being vaccinated, children can still catch it – however the strain will be a mild form.  Without being properly tested, we were sent home to look after our poorly little man.  I have since found out that as this is a controlled disease, it should have been tested properly – but I didn’t know that at the time.

At the time we were visiting my mum – who had a pet free home – and L started to make a recovery.

When he was better we made the long journey home back to Germany.

After being home for a few days, the symptoms started to reappear.  This time the swelling on the face looked worse and I quickly made an appointment at our medical centre.

There the doctor took one look at L and said that she thought I needed to take him to the hospital for a proper check.

So we made our way to the hospital, where the doctors quickly admitted L for further tests.  There verdict – he was having an allergic reaction to something.

This week that was spent in hospital was a long one.

We missed Daddy’s birthday and L had all manner of drugs going into him via drip.  His little arm was like a pin cushion as the nurses took blood to be sent off to the lab.

At this point, I started to wonder if he was allergic to our cats.

My Mum and Dad have no cats so I did wonder if that is why he had started to make a recovery, only to get poorly again when we went back to our house.
However, the doctor in the hospital said that was extremely unlikely.  The cats had been living with L the whole time – I had the cats before I was even pregnant.  However, after a few weeks of tests going backwards and forwards, it turned out my mummy instincts were right.  He was indeed allergic to cats and to a small extent dogs.
Unfortunately, this led to my hubby’s brother adopting our two cats and giving them a new home.  We realised that we didn’t have a choice when the doctor said to us “put it this way, it is L or the cats.”
I really feel for my brave little boy.  He loves animals and they are drawn to him.  L talks constantly about how he loves cats and dogs.  He asks for a pet most days.  He would love for us to be able to adopt a pet but right now it is not something that we can consider.
Outbreaks seem to spring up on us; somedays he just wakes up with a rash.  The only thing we can think of is a cat has been prowling through the garden which has touched his skin.
Living with Pet Allergies

For the most part we are fortunate that we got to the bottom of it.

That is largely down to a fabulous person who works in our medical centre. She really fought L’s corner every step of the way.
We are hoping he will grow out of it (the expectation is that he will grow out of the dog allergy at least). For the next few years we just have to patiently explain to L that a pet is a not going to happen any time soon.  Something that makes him sad but is better than the alternative ill health.

Have your children got allergies?  How do you cope with this on a daily basis?

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