Looking For Part Time Work – The Mummy Challenge

Looking For Part Time Work – The Mummy Challenge

Now that we have moved and unpacked almost all of the boxes, it is time to focus my efforts on finding a job.

I have been looking online for a part time job and I have been keeping my options open.

Looking for any kind of roles in editing, writing or social media.  But, one of the things I am finding is that good part time jobs are few and far between.

I would love to find a role which enabled me to pick up the kids a few days a week and to continue blogging.  So either a job which had hours every morning, or condensed into three days a week.

looking for part time work

But, frustratingly these types of jobs in my field of work seem to be few and far between.

I guess I was spoiled in Germany. I was able to work part time, blog part time and still get a lot of quality time with the kids.  It makes me feel sad that it appears this option is available to me on my return to London.

Maybe I will get lucky and see the perfect role, but at this stage I am concerned.

It makes me wonder, do I try and find a job that is working from home? Although this comes with its own challenges. The biggest of which is not having any social contact outside of the school run.  That would drive me up the wall as I am a naturally sociable person. One of the main bonuses of working is the social aspect.

I would love to know if you have any tips on finding a part time job that fits.  I would love to know what you have used to find jobs that suit and any tips on websites / recruitment agencies to use.

Please leave me a comment below and I will repay the favour with virtual cake.

Wish me luck….

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