Moving House with Children – Top Tips

Moving House with Children – Top Tips

Moving house with children is quite the upheaval for them.  Trying to reassure them when they feel like their whole world has gone topsy turvy is no easy task.

We have seen all sorts of emotions from the boys over the last few weeks; tears & sadness, excitement, bad behaviour, nightmares.  It really has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

The boys have both coped very differently with the move.  D has largely been excited about moving home and being closer to family and friends.  He has, in the past, been upset about living so far away from people, sometimes asking “why does everyone I love live so far away.”  So this has been a huge driving factor for him wanting to move.  If you ask him he says he can’t wait but on the flip side the dreaded tantrums have made a reappearance.  He is very emotional with simple things setting off screaming fits.  I think that although happy about the move it is still a lot for him to take in.

L has been very different.  He says he doesn’t want to move.  He says he doesn’t want ‘everything to be changing’ and that he is scared and sad about the move.  Given the choice, he would stay in the German house and not leave his friends.  Rather than tantrums this has been coming out in bad behaviour, not listening and generally being a bit of a monkey.  Also, the nightmares have started up again.  These always start when L is feeling unsettled.

I think it hasn’t helped that the weeks before the move, I was in hospital.  Then a week after that Daddy returned to London to sort the house out (painting and sanding floors).  This has made him feel even more unsettled.

moving house

So how have we been dealing with it?

Well it is really tough and I am not sure we have been dealing with it particularly well.

I feel for them and know that they are feeling unsettled and a little frightened.  So, while I have been dealing with any bad behaviour in the usual way, I have been making sure I am around for any chats and cuddles.

When we move we have also agreed to a Star Wars bedroom, which will be kitted out with a Star Wars feature wall, duvet, rug and lightsaber night lights.  I am hoping that will soften the blow somewhat.

I asked my fellow bloggers if they had any tips of helping children through a house move…

Laura – Five Little Doves

“We made sure that the children’s rooms were decorated and unpacked before anywhere else so that they immediately felt at home in the new house.”

Laura – Dear Bear and Beany

“Let the boys have a box of essential toys so they have things to hand as soon as you arrive.”

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