Top Tips on Moving House

Top Tips on Moving House

If you saw my post last week you will know that we have been in the process of moving house. If you missed my post ‘Auf Wiedersehen Germany…’ then you can read it here.

With all the chaos of moving, it has got me thinking about what we really need to consider when moving house. On reflection here are some of my top tips for when you move house:

Get removals to do the packing for you

This is an expensive option, but if you are afford it, it is well worth it.  I think when you have children it just makes life so much easier.  Not to mention it is a whole lot quicker.  The removals can pack up our house in two days.  It would probably take me about two months if we were left to do it on our own.

Have bedlinen ready!

We actually had the bedlinen in the car with us, so that it was ready to be used at the other end.  That meant all we needed to do was put the beds up and they were ready to go.  This is especially important, if like us, you have travelled a long distance between homes.

Get vacuum packed bags

Although we were moved with hubby’s work, we did do a little bit of packing before hand.  Vacuum packed bags are a life saver when you have limited space in a removal van.  In advance we basically packed anything that wasn’t in use, duvet covers, towels, winter clothes.  The best thing is, as we moved in the summer, we could just pop the winter clothes and jackets in the loft for a few months!

Try to sort as much as you can in advance

One of the things we have realised is that after the move you really just want to get settled.  Which means unpacking and nesting into your new home.  So we tried to sort as much as we could before we moved.  We filled out all the new GP and dentist forms in advance, organised internet to be connected, sorted all the bills and council tax.  So all the boring stuff was done in advance. Leaving you lots of time to work out where is the best place to put your favourite painting or photographs.

Moving House

I asked around the blogging community to see what tips others have for moving.  Here is what they had to say:

Laura at Dear Bear and Beany

“Have a box for all the essentials like kettle, cups, breakfast things for that first morning.”

Jo at Cup of Toast

Jo has done a series of posts for moving house, which truly covers everything you need to think about when moving house.  You can check out part one and part two of this comprehensive list here:

Skye at Cuteness and Chaos

I love this post from Cuteness and Chaos, it is an emotional one about saying goodbye to a house that has been a home for 10 years.

Emma at Fashion Mommy

Emma breaks down a house move into three steps.  I am definitly going to bear in mind what to expect from the ‘Settling In’ stage.

Something a little light hearted….

When I was chatting to fellow bloggers about moving house, Emma Reed from shared this funny story with me, she was certainly determined to have that piano on the top floor:

“We were living with my in-laws to save for a deposit and when we finally came across a house we couldn’t wait to move in… only problem is I have a piano and the downstairs area is pretty small being just the living room, hallway and kitchen.

“The house goes up 2 floors and my amazing idea was to have my own music room… on the top floor! Now, if we had professional movers this may have been an easy task but we did it all ourselves.

“It went up the first set of stairs fine as these are straight but the second flight turns- think Friends and the scene with Ross shouting ‘PIVOT’ and you basically have that but with an upright piano and 5 people trying to manoeuvre it up and around a bend. The wall took a slight battering and needed re-painting and my father in law was cursing me and threatening to give in but we got there in the end… with everyone telling me that I am to never move ever again!

“Once I have an idea that is usually me set on it and I am stubborn as hell but it worked and I am very happy having my own room for music.”

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  1. 18th July 2017 / 9:05 am

    Some great tips here. Wish I’d been more prepared when we moved house. You live and learn though! x

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