Brighten Up Your Bookshelf – Part 2

Brighten Up Your Bookshelf – Part 2

Last week we reviewed some new books on the blog, you can see the post here.

As promised here is part two of our book review.  We feel so fortunate to get to review these lovely books and this next one was perfect timing for us…

Ella Who?

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I told my Dad, of course.  

“I’m taking the Elephant to my room.”

“Ella Who?”

This book is perfect for us, as we move house next week.  The boys particularly liked this book and could really relate to the story.

This lovely book sees a little girl get a surprise when she moves house and a baby elephant shows up.  The grown-ups are so busy unpacking (I can relate to this!) that they just say “Ella Who?”

I love reading this cute book as the elephant and little girl form a friendship.  I loved it as it took some of the unknown out of moving house, however I am a bit concerned now that the boys will be disappointed next week when we move house and no elephant moves in with us.  Or maybe it will and I will be too distracted to notice…..

Dance is for Everyone

“Much like Madame Prefontaine, Tanya was very strong.  A bit too strong.

And she didn’t seem to know what was going on with her tail.”

The boys love dancing and ‘putting on a show’ for anyone that will watch.  They are always listening to music – although at the moment that means the Trolls soundtrack on repeat (as an 80’s child, that is ok with me!). This book also struck a cord with them, as it sees new student (an alligator no less) turn up to dance class.    It follows the story as this unusual student ends up with the starring role at the dance recital.

So I love the moral to this story that anyone can dance if they have passion and a flair for it.  However, the thing I loved the most about this book was the illustrations.  They really reminded me of some books I read as a child.

Book Information:

  • Ella Who? – Linda Ashman – ISBN – 9781454919049 – £12.99
  • Dance is for Everyone – Andrea Zuill – ISBN – 9781454921141 – £12.99
  • Both books are available from or by calling 01273 488 005




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  1. 10th July 2017 / 8:32 am

    The illustrations on these books look absolutely lovely! I really love books that have this sort of feel to them x

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