Brighten Up Your Bookshelf – Part 1

Brighten Up Your Bookshelf – Part 1

I am not sure about you but we are at the point where we have read every book on the boys bookshelf hundreds of times – might be a slight exaggeration but it feels like that anyway.

So I was chuffed to bits to be sent some brilliant books to review.

Little Mouse’s Big Secret

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“What are you hiding?” asked Bird.

“It’s my secret, and I will never tell,” answered Mouse

This is such a cute book, with a lovely message about sharing with friends.  I love that it comes in at a very reasonable price tag – £5.99, so a perfect gift for a little ones birthday or a stocking filler (I didn’t mention the C word – not yet anyway!).

This charming book follows the main character, Little Mouse, as he tries his very best to ‘hide his secret’ apple.  As the secret grows, he soon realises that sharing his secret is even better.

I love the simple illustrations in this book, makes such a change from brightly coloured books.  This is the perfect calming bedtime story for little ones.

The boys especially loved it, and all the characters along the way.  They got particularly excited when rabbit turned up, mainly due to their desperation of getting a pet rabbit!

Almost Everybody Farts

“Farting Poodle, Farts in school. Farts make bubbles in the pool.”

In stark contrast to the calming book I have reviewed above, this book had the boys in fits of giggles! I would say most four-year-olds would react in the same way!

I was a particular fan of this book, as it says everybody farts but “Mothers do not.” So it was a winner with me.

This is a fun and entertaining book, which is a huge hit.  The boys particularly thought “Uncles fart and think it’s funny” was hilarious!

A brilliant fun book to read with your kiddies during the day, maybe not so much a calm one for bedtime though.

Book Information:

  • Little Mouse’s Big Secret – Eric Battut – ISBN – 9781454921547 – £5.99
  • Almost Everybody Farts – Marty Kelley – ISBN – 9781454919544 – £11.99
  • Both books are available from or by calling 01273 488 005

To read part two of my book reviews, check out the blog next week as we review ‘Dance is For Everyone’ and ‘Ella Who?’




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