Protecting children online with Kidguard

Protecting children online with Kidguard

The world has changed so much since I was little.  I am not that old – promise! – but when I was a young girl there was no internet, no twitter, no social media.  It was all a lot more… quiet.

Now as a blogger, I obviously embrace all these things now.  I run a website on the internet.  I have all the social media accounts that you would expect.  I spend most evenings on my laptop.  I am not, by any means, against the internet, in fact I would not be able to enjoy many of the things I do today without it.kidguard

However, I also know the downsides of the internet.   It is so easy to find out about peoples lives and the comments that people receive from absolute strangers boggles my mind. As you can imagine, as a mum with small children, this is more than a little concerning to me.

What kind of a world are we bringing our children into?

I have to say that the rise of the internet and the ease with which people can retrieve information is both amazing and frightening to me.

I am in a lucky position really.  My boys are not yet 5 and really have no idea what social media is or the internet.  They do seem to have grasped what google is.  If I ever don’t know the answer to the question then they will say: “Just google it mummy!”

Sign of the times indeed.

As they grow and assert their independence – which is only natural – I will have a totally different issue.  They will want ipads, laptops, phones – or whatever new invention has come out that will probably boggle my mind.

So, how on earth do I keep them safe?

Well Kidguard is something that I have come across recently.  And it may well be the answer to many concerned parents problems.

Kidguard was created to help parents keep their child safe on the internet by giving them the tools to monitor their activities on their various IOS devices.  It is secure, easy to use and helps keep your children safe. Parents can check:

Phone Calls

This allows parents to check call history, who they are speaking to and when


If you are worried about your child being bullied then this element of the service is for you.  It gives you the ability to check kids message history

Browsing History

This one goes without saying, it enables parents to check what content they are looking at. Therefore, enabling you to check these sites are safe for your kids.

Installed Apps

A good way to keep a check on what apps your kids have on their phones, to check they are safe and secure

GPS Location

If you are worried about where your child is when they leave the house and if they are safe.  Then this can give you peace of mind, as the GPS tracks your child’s location in real time.

Kidguard is designed to protect your children from unsafe sites, cyber threats, bullying, scams and online predators.

To find out more about this service, you can visit their website here: Kidguard’s latest intiative is Parents’ Survival Guide to Online Safety.


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  1. 16th May 2017 / 8:18 pm

    This is my daily worry. Especially with social media, I’m hoping it’s imploded by the time my two are teenagers but I really doubt it. Thanks for the tips x

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