#parentingscoop Dear Bear and Beany

#parentingscoop Dear Bear and Beany
This week we have the fabulous Laura from Dear Bear and Beany on the blog, sharing her pregnancy and parenting experience with #parentingscoop

It is my pleasure to have Laura from Dear Bear and Beany on #parentingscoop this week. I am certain that a lot of you will have seen Laura’s blog already, which focuses on parenting and family life.  I co-host #craftycorner with Laura every month, so really chuffed to be able to have her guest on the blog today.

So let me pass you over to Laura as she shares her story with us.

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Bio – Laura at Dear Bear and Beany

I’m Laura and I am married to Andy and we have two daughters, Alice, 4 years old and Holly, 2 years old. I’m lucky to be at home with my girls, while Andy goes out to work.

Alice started school last September, so it’s mainly Holly and I having fun during the days. 

We are a family that love to be together and go on adventures.

Tell us about you when you are not in ‘mummy mode’

It’s not very often that I am not in ‘mummy mode’. I love to read and love nothing better that curling up with a good book. I enjoy going out to dinner with my friends and actually getting to eat my dinner, without sharing it. 
And of course I love to write, I love that I have blogging in my life. It has brought me so much and now is a big part of who I am.

Tell us about your pregnancy / pregnancies

With both my pregnancies I suffered with hyperemesis gravidarum, it was a really difficult time. With Alice I didn’t know much about it and I thought what I had was normal for everyone. It was only from speaking to a friend and she told me it wasn’t normal to be sick that amount and to go to the doctors. Thankfully they gave me some anti-sickness tablets which helped, but didn’t make it go away completely. 
It was a lot harder with my second pregnancy as the sickness started earlier and I had an 16-month-old to look after. Poor Alice spent many days camped out in the toilet with me. 
I remember when she had a sickness bug, she is probably the only 16-month-old that took herself to the toilet to be sick 🙂 Bless her.
I was so sick with Holly, that I put out 3 ribs. It was so painful having them put back in.
Thankfully with both pregnancies the sickness went around 22 weeks. It was only really then that I could enjoy being pregnant and eat normally.
My top tip for anyone who is pregnant and suffers with sickness. Don’t eat your favourite foods, then you won’t be put of it for life. There are foods that I still can’t face.

Where did you give birth? Did you have any complications?

Alice was born in the hospital that we planned to have her in, she caught me by surprise and arrived 10 days early!  I was in labour for three days.
They were long days!
Then once my waters broke, it all happened rather quickly. When I got to the examination room, there was no time to move me to the delivery suite, Andy was still parking the car and nearly missed the birth. Thankfully Alice arrived safely.

You can read more about Alice’s birth story here: http://dearbearandbeany.com/the-day-i-became-a-mummy/

Holly’s birth was a bit more drama! I went into labour on my due date and it happened a lot quicker than with Alice. The hospital were we had Alice was full and all the other local hospitals were full too. I was in full labour and panicking at home with Andy. 
They finally sent us to a hospital that was an hour away, we had to get the sat nav out to find the way. Andy was told to pull over and call an ambulance if I felt like pushing. We hadn’t got far when I felt the urge to push and Andy pulled into a lay-by and called an ambulance. 
Thankfully the ambulance men got me to the hospital in time and Holly was born 20 minutes later.

You can read more about Holly’s birth story here: http://dearbearandbeany.com/can-you-see-a-head/

What were the first few weeks like with a newborn?

With Alice we were in a complete newborn bubble, as we got to know our daughter. We were new parents finding our feet and whilst it was a scary time feeling responsible for another human being, it was also the best time. To have Andy home for two weeks and for us to be a family was amazing.
With Holly, it was all very different, we had a two-year-old to entertain and we all had to adjust to being a family of four. Alice was born to be a big sister and she loved Holly from day one. Seeing my girls meet for the first time in hospital is one of my favourite memories. 
We also had a wedding to prepare for, Alice was going to be a flower girl and Andy was an usher. It was a wedding that I wouldn’t miss. So with a 10 day old Holly, we all attended the wedding

Do you have any advice for new parents?

To trust your instincts, they are normally right. You will be told a lot of information and advice. Some of it will be great and some of it won’t be. Fish through it and take what works for you.

What is your favourite thing about being a parent?

That we are a family. To have 3 people in my life that I know are always going to be there. The love that I have for them is overwhelming, but I absolutely love it.

What is your funniest parenting story

Alice comes out with some funny things all the time, she makes me cry with laughter.
Here are a few…
We are at the doctors and Alice asked me why Dr Smith was a doctor, I replied because she went to university and trained to be a doctor. I asked her if she would like to be a doctor when she is older and she answered ‘no mummy, I’m going to be Alice.
After a visit to see Father Christmas at my niece’s school. When she got home she said to daddy ‘Father Christmas could take his fluff off’! And showed him with the beard.
When she was younger and had a balance bike, she kept asking us to buy her some pedals!
Thanks you so much for joining us Laura!  I have loved hearing about your story so far with your beautiful girls!  What a close call it was when you were in labour with Holly. And… I love that Alice asked for pedals for her balance bike!  
You can find Laura from Dear Bear and Beany too being social here, pop over and say hi:

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