Helping your little one with Read with Fonics

Helping your little one with Read with Fonics

This month I have been speaking to a lovely lady Sophie, who has created a new app; Read with Fonics.

The app is an educational app which helps children to learn and practise all the different phonics sounds to support them with learning to read.

There are 44 different phonics sounds which, once learned, help children to unlock new words and learn to read them. The app uses a series of games to help children learn these sounds, one by one.

Sounds good right?

I have to admit it sounds even better for me.  My boys start school in September which is incredibly exciting – school places confirmed and everything!

The problem we have is that they have not been in a pre-school setting, as they currently attend a German kindergarten.

They have the added problem of their mum not really knowing enough about how to teach phonics to help them out!

So I have been concerned that they would be a little behind some of the other kiddies when they start school.  So this app has come at a perfect time for us.

The app is a fun and creative way to learn phonics.  The boys played with it for ages when we were testing it out.

I helped them at first but soon realised they didn’t need me to watch over them.  They were perfectly capable of doing it “all by self.”

In fact I was astounded as to how much they knew.

I was astounded by how much they picked things up by following the steps on the app.

There are four levels to explore, each with different levels of difficulty.  We started off with the water level first, the easiest of the four levels.  Within the levels they have sections they need to follow, starting with the letter ‘a’ they entered the app to then take on 7 fun activities based on that phonics sound.  I was amazed as they matched short words to the pictures.

They took it in turns and did it together, which rarely happens.  Usually all I hear is “It’s my ipad!”.

Read With Fonics

The boys lived for the alien cheers at the end of the level, giggling every time.  I am going to be honest, I truly don’t think they realised they were learning anything.  To them it was just a fun game.  Which, at nearly 5-years-old is the best way to do it.  Learning and having fun!

The Read with Fonics app is available on the Google Play, App Store and Amazon. The full version of the app which allows access to all four levels costs £7.99.

I received the full version of the app in return for sharing a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. 2nd May 2017 / 9:46 am

    This looks like a great app. My little girl is in reception and I must admit knowing what some of the sounds are actually meant to sound like can be tricky (as a parent) there are just some that aren’t obvious like ‘ai’ or ‘oa’ – this apps can be so handy

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