Never miss a birthday again with My Parcel Delivery

Never miss a birthday again with My Parcel Delivery

Living abroad is certainly more the norm for my generation, even more so for the boys.

We currently live in Germany, have family that live in Scotland, England and America.  We have friends that live all over the world, New Zealand, America, Mexico, Signapore, Hong Kong…  You get the idea.  It feels to me like more people are exploring further afield, a bit different to years gone by when some families never left their home town.

Anyway, how on earth can you stay connected with all these people when you are living at opposite sides of the world?

It is hard I have to say.  We have found things like Skype and Facetime to be a lifeline to us over the years. You can see people and speak to them in real time which is such a lifesaver.

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Sending presents abroad can also be tricky.

Which is why a good courier company can come in handy.  Someone like My Parcel Delivery makes life so much easier.  It is basically a search engine, which trawls the internet for the best deals.  All you need to do is enter your parcels measurements and weight.  It then offers you different delivery options, so gives you plenty to choose from.  It is really clever and take the pressure off with deliveries.

My Parcel Delivery

It also has a rating system so you can see what customers think of each individual company and make an informed decision:

Through the system you can print the label for your package and pay for the service. Then you can either wait for it to be collected, or you drop it off at nearest drop off point.

The best thing about using a courier like this is that you can track your parcel, which is perfect for anything that is sentimental or for that special birthday that you just dont want to miss!

Clever, isn’t it?

So, now you have no excuse to ever miss a birthday again!



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