It is nearly Easter and we have been making these easy easter crispy cakes. They are made with white chocolate and kinder chocolate and are super tasty.

One of the things the boys are most excited about when it comes to Easter is the chocolate!  They have been given a few Easter, chocolate-laden, gifts already. It is driving them crazy that they cannot tuck into them yet.  Mean mummy has hidden them away until Sunday.

So last Friday I decided to do some easy Easter baking to keep the boys going until Easter weekend.  We needed to think of something quick and easy.  After picking the boys up from kindergarten at lunchtime on Friday, we went to meet a friend for ice-cream.  Then we came home and the boys got all crafty to make a birthday card for Daddy.  This, as you can imagine, didn’t leave a huge about of time for baking treats.

So I decided to introduce the boys Easter crispy cakes.

We did it with a little bit of a difference though.  We used white chocolate for half and kinder chocolate for the other half.  I have to point out that this was not my bright idea to make things more interesting.  Nope.  It was because the boys convinced me it would taste “yummier and yummier” and I have to say I agree!

Easter Crispy Cakes

Easter Crispy Cakes


  • 2 Bars White Chocolate
  • 1 Large Pack Kinder Chocolate
  • 1 box Rice Crispies
  • 1 bag Milky Bar Eggs
  • 1 bag Oreo Eggs
  • 1 packet Cup Cake Moulds

How to make Easter Crispy Cakes

The boys LOVE putting the cupcake moulds out.  This is one of the things they fight over, I have no idea why but I have to be really careful to ensure that they have the exact same amount of moulds each.

Once this has been set up, I got the boys to break up the chocolate into separate bowls and then I melted the chocolate in the microwave.  I am sure Mary Berry would disapprove, but time was not on our side here!

The boys then poured some Rice Krispies into a bowl and I then poured the melted chocolate in as the bowl to make sure they didn’t get burnt.  L was in charge of the kinder chocolate cakes.  D was in charge of the white chocolate.

Once mixed through we carefully spooned them into the cupcake moulds.  We then added the Milkybar eggs to the white chocolate nests and the Oreo eggs to the kinder chocolate nests.

The boys loved the final result.  Especially as we now have enough crispy cakes to do us until the end of April, not just the weekend.  I am finding them incredibly dangerous as it is all too easy to eat one when I am making dinner.  Whoops!

Are you looking for a craft idea to do with the kids during the Easter holidays?  Then check out this post for a quick and simple idea.

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  1. Mainy - myrealfairy
    14th April 2017 / 6:53 pm

    These look lovely and I know what you mean about being too easy to eat. I could devour the lot! I love recipes that I can do with my boys so these are great for us:)

  2. acraftymix
    12th April 2017 / 9:57 am

    Ah the boys are brilliant, I agree with them this must be yummier and yummier and the recipe sounds easy enough that I could even try making them too.

  3. 12th April 2017 / 3:23 am

    What a fun treat! I just love seeing kids help in the kitchen!

  4. 11th April 2017 / 10:34 pm

    Oh I meant to do this with Baby Lighty this year! Will have to see if I can squeeze some in between now and Easter weekend! Thanks so much for linking this up with #DreamTeam!

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