Feeling Spoiled by Acti-Labs

Feeling Spoiled by Acti-Labs
This week I have been feeling spoiled and pampered, as I test out the Acti-Labs range. Acti-labs sell make up and beauty products.

When my friend Steph first told me she was starting up as an Acti-Labs rep, I have to admit that i had never heard of the company before.  I know what it is like to start a new adventure – it was only one year ago when I decided to make a proper go at blogging so I am so chuffed that she has made this exciting step.

Once she was set up, I ordered a few bits to try out from her website: www.skinbysteph.co.uk.

A few days after my order, I received an exciting box through the post which contained some lovely goodies.  In the box I received a mascara, a lip crayon, hand cream and a lipo wrap.  Steph also gives little freebies away, so I also received a konjac sponge with my box!

So what did I think of Acti-Labs?

Skyscraper Mascara – £5

One application of the Acti-Labs Skyscraper Mascara !

One application of the Acti-Labs Skyscraper Mascara !

On a normal day-to-day basis I don’t wear a lot of make up, however I have to admit that I don’t leave the house without wearing eye liner and mascara.  I loved the skyscraper mascara that I received from Acti-labs.  It comes out very heavy, so took a little bit of getting used to.

Steph advised me to use sparingly  and the results are startling when you do.  The mascara stays on all day and has a really lovely long-lashed look.

Shea Hand Cream –

My hands have aged considerably since I had the kids.  All those nappy changes and washing of hands has taken its toll.

I have used hand cream before.  However, I always found it either left my hands greasy or my hands were dry again within an hour of putting it on.

I can honestly say that this shea hand cream is just the right balance.  It nourishes my hands without making them feel greasy.  And the smell of the cream is absolutely incredible!

Le Joli Lip Crayon

Other than having old lady hands, the other problem I have is chapped lips in this cold weather.

This lip crayon has Candelilla wax and Vitamin E in it and I can really tell that it is making a difference to my lips.   It is very nourishing and the crayon is so lovely and smooth to apply.  The only thing I would say is that you do need to top it up now and again, so you do need to carry one in your purse for later on in the day.

Lipo Sculpting Wrap

I have never been 100% sure about these types of wraps so when I ordered this I have to say I wasn’t expecting results. But, I thought it was worth a try once!

I have been losing weight due to giving up the booze since Christmas and not having any sugar in February, so thought it was a good time to try this out.  Steph thankfully has done some tutorials on her Facebook page to talk you through how to use them, and I will not subject you to seeing me with the wraps on!

I measured myself before I tried the wraps.  Although I am too embarrassed to tell you my before and after figures, I can confirm that I lost an inch after just one wrap.  I was astounded. The kit comes with washable wraps and a massive tube of cream, so there are plenty of applications with the one purchase.

If you are unsure how this works, then you can find out the science behind it here.

Acti-Labs Verdict

So despite not having heard of Acti-Labs a few months ago, I am a convert to this brand that is for sure.  I will be stocking up on the lip crayons in different colours as well! I was really impressed with the balance between quality and price.  The products are all affordable but the quality is incredible.

If you want to find out more about this range you can either visit Steph’s website here: http://www.skinbysteph.co.uk/

You can join her Facebook group here. On her group, Steph will keep you up to date with any special offers. She also does Facebook live tutorials which I am very impressed with, very brave!!! She keeps all her customers up-to-date with any special offers on any of the products that she sells. I am on the look out for a lip crayon special offer so I can stock up!!

Disclaimer: We were gifted these products in return for providing a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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