Adding a bit of comfort….

Adding a bit of comfort….

When I first found out I was pregnant with the boys we were trying to sell our house in Brixton.  In fact, Daddy monkey had to multitask when I was in labour, negotiating the house sale in between timing my contractions!  This meant that I didn’t really do the whole nesting thing, and we didn’t decorate a nursery.

Which didn’t go down well with my hormonal pregnant self – I cried many tears over it, which seems ridiculous now!

We eventually moved a few months later.

We were finally in our forever home in the ‘burbs.  With help from family we created the perfect nursery, painted the walls blue and made curtains to fit the windows perfectly.

Then two months later, the hubby called me with a question.  A job had come up abroad and he wanted to know if I was interested in moving… again.

At this point the thought of going back to work and leaving these tiny bundles was too much to bear, so I said yes!

Fast forward 6 months and we had once again packed up our house and this time were heading over to Germany to start our new life… again…

Living with magnolia

We moved into our current house (which belongs to hubby’s work), knowing that it was temporary.  It is a strange feeling knowing that you will definitely be moving on in four years time and we didn’t want to decorate.  Which meant we have lived with beige walls in every room for the whole time.

We also have not decorated the boys room, so we have had to use other ways to make it their own special place.

Adding comfort with cushions

Adding some comfort…

We have some fab wall stickers on the wall that are removable.  Also we have put pictures up to make it more homely.

I am all about soft furnishings, so the boys were really lucky to receive these wonderful cushions from Ollie and Leila.  They are perfect to soften up children’s beds.

The boys are usually very appreciative of anything new, and these were no different.  L has ditched his pillow the last few nights.  When I have went in to tuck him in before I go to bed, he has been using his cushion instead.

Not just that but every morning the cushion gets brought downstairs.  They are used as either a comfy seat for lego building – which we do A LOT OF.  Or, a soft headrest for watching all things Star Wars, Ninjago or Superhero related on the TV.

The cushions were delivered and including the soft inner cushion.  The cushions are really well made and I think really help to make the room.

They will look good in their new room too.  You guessed it, in four months we are packing up and moving back to Kent. However, this time they want to decide about the decor of the room.  Gone are the days when that decision rests solely with me.

Disclaimer: We were gifted these products in return for providing a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




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