Double the Monkey Business Goals for 2017

Double the Monkey Business Goals for 2017

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Nelson Mandela

I really need to remember the above quote.  Sometimes when I think about what I want to achieve with my blog, I wonder if it is possible.  I doubt myself and question whether I am good enough.

What if I fail? I think to myself.

Then I say this to my hubby, who brings me back to earth.  He constantly reminds me I need to give it my best shot to know if it is going to work out.

So here I am, putting it all out there.  This is what I want to achieve in 2017.


Yeah, yeah I know I have went on and on about this but this is a huge goal for me this year.  I don’t know my way around a camera at all and I am an habitual user of the auto setting!

However, I am part of the way through a photography course and I am slowly but surely getting to grips with Lightroom.  So, watch this space.


For me keeping on top of my website is the steepest learning curve.  I knew nothing about how to run the back end of a website until I moved self hosted last April. This is no exaggeration! I knew absolutely NOTHING!

However, now I can do very simple coding, I know what a DA is,  I run broken link checks, I have recently went through the painful process of sorting my site speed and I am about to make the scary move into HTTPS.  All of this needs to continue in 2017. I hope as I get used to it, maintaining my website will become quicker and less baffling!

Social Media

Is anyone else baffled by Pinterest? I am and I need to focus on this in 2017.  I know how to stick my stuff on there, I can do nice vertical images as is the Pinterest way, but I cannot get people to see my stuff – well apart from the bloggers who always see my stuff.

As for the rest, I feel like I am slowly getting better at running my Facebook page.  I decided before Christmas to use this platform more and have started to add stuff other than just my blog posts.  I have found it fun and I am getting into the habit of using it more and chatting to people that leave me comments.


I really would like to start getting more involved with those signed up to my blog and one of the ways I hope to do this in 2017 is to start a newsletter.  Don’t ask me what the content of these newsletters are going to be, I haven’t got that far in my planning!


I have a couple of courses going on this year.  I have already mentioned my photography course.  When this finishes I will be moving straight into a course run by Aby at You Baby, Me Mummy; the blog accelerator course.

After that I have a few online courses which I have signed up to and waiting for me to complete, in areas like website creation and social media.

Writing out my goals and planning

You Tube / Facebook Live

Ahh the world of vlogging, what an incredibly scary and frightening thought – or is that just me?

However, I understand the power of it.  I know that it can add an extra dimension to a blog, and can really help when working with brands and PR.

So this is on my list, albeit on my goal for quarter 3 of this year.  Far enough away for me to not have to think about it for a while.

Blog Conference

This is the year people, I am going to go to at least one blogging conference.  Which one(s) very much depends on when we move house but it is in my goals so it has to happen!  I can’t wait to meet some of these lovely bloggers that I have been chatting to these last 12 months.

Planning and Productivity

I have said before that I am pretty good at flying by the seat of my pants, which is all very well and good until you start to feel overwhelmed and you spend more time fretting than actually putting things into action.

So I have started this year as I mean to go on.  I have sorted my email inbox, set up email templates and keyboard shortcuts and I have sorted out my google calendar.

So, now I just need to keep it up!


The big thing I will have to face this year – in fact the whole family – will be to move house.

Unfortunately, for me this means leaving a job that I love, working as an Reporter / Sub Editor at a newspaper.

So, once we move what on earth am I going to do?

The answer is I really don’t know yet.  I think here are my options..

  1. Get a full time job.  Keep my blog as a hobby.  Sort out after school club for the kids.
  2. Get a part time job.  Get more involved in my blog and freelancing.  Be around more for the kids.
  3. Freelance / work from home / blog full time. Always be home for the kids.

The way I see it I need to decide which one is the best fit for everyone.  I am not sure I can do number 3, I like to interact with people and I wonder if I will find being at home alone every day too hard going.  It is one thing being a stay at home mum and the kids being around (or having the odd morning to yourself), quite another to do this all the time!

Option one really doesn’t appeal to me.  I love my blog and I would love to continue growing it and learning new things every day.  Also I hate the idea of not seeing the kids every day after school. I love that I get to spend afternoons with them at the moment, and I would hate to go from that to seeing very little of them five days a week.

So I am thinking I should be trying for option two.  Now all that leaves me with is trying to work out how to freelance.  If anyone has any blog posts on these, I would love to read them.

Wish me luck

So, there we have it.  I have lots of other little goals throughout the year but these are the main ones I need to tackle.

Any hints or tips on any of these areas would be gratefully received.  Please leave a comment below or on social media.




  1. nikkifrankhamilton
    28th January 2017 / 2:45 am

    You have taken huge strides in the last year, I am so impressed with what you’ve done and what you’ve learned. I need to learn more about using a camera too, I don’t have a big girl camera, but I have a good point and shoot. I’m slowly learning to use the manual options too, and I would love to get better at taking my own photos. I can’t wait to see what you do in the coming year, it’s gonna be awesome!

  2. 25th January 2017 / 9:27 pm

    Best of luck with tackling these! All of your blog ones I can see making a huge difference – I’ve been toying with Youtube and Pinterest too and I’m sure if I can find the time then both would make great additions. I’m excited to see what path you end up taking job wise – so many big life changes this year!

  3. 24th January 2017 / 11:54 pm

    These are great goals. Realistic and totally achieveable, meaning that 2017 is going to be a great year for you. I really hope the dates work and we get to meet this year X

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