Bidvine – An Easy Solution! *review*

Bidvine – An Easy Solution! *review*

Could Bidvine be the solution to my house makeover dilemma?

“From a DJ for your wedding to fixing a leaky tap, Bidvine helps you meet the right pro for your project. Easy communication makes hiring simple, and gets you back to what you love.”

We have bought a lovely home just outside of London.  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  The facade of the house is pretty, rooms spacious and the garden is massive.

It is in an area that we love and I have to say we can’t wait to get moved and settled into living there.

Much as I am totally in love with our house, we are aware that it is a ‘fixer-upper’.  It needs a lot of TLC and we have so many ideas of how to make it our dream family home.

A lock of an old house

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The problem is where to start…

Much as we have ideas and we know what we want done first, we are worried about finding contractors.  Where do you even start with finding people to help out?

Then rather strangely I was contacted to see if I would review the Bidvine website.  It is a website that finds people in your local area to do all manner of things.  I jumped at the chance to review it and set to work to find someone who could help with the first job. Painting and decorating.

So how does Bidvine work?
The Bidvine Search Page

So, I have seen a lot of search websites in my time, but none quite like this one.

You start with searching for your chosen service and you can choose a variety of options.  I searched for Painters and Decorators. However, I got a little carried away and I also searched for photography lessons, as this is another focus for me in 2017.

What I didn’t expect was the level of detail the search engine asked for.  It doesn’t just give you a list of painters in your area, they asked you to tell them more about the job.  For example; when do you need the work done by, where do you need the work etc.   What a great idea! It really tailors your search results to fit your needs.

Some of the questions asked on the Bidvine website.

I thought I would check for photography lessons as well !

Once you answer the questions – or what you can of the questions – you sit back and wait for your bids to come in.

The bidvine message - says "Sit tight, you will receive custom bids by Thursday afternoon."

I had a message that I would receive my bids by Thursday (in four days time) however, I actually had them through within 24 hours.  I had around half a dozen responses / bids pop into my inbox.  Which I could look at when I was ready.

Easy, simple and clever

I have to admit when I was looking through my quotes today, I was thinking what a clever idea this is. It takes the pain out of searching and calling people individually.  Only companies that are  available or willing to do the work will contact, so no need to call half a dozen companies to find out that only a fraction can even help you.

Red and brown colour swatches

You can choose your preferred method of contact.  So I opted with receiving emails, however you can receive text messages or phone calls.  It really is up to you what is best.

I can’t quite get over how simple it is to use and what a great idea it is.

I really would recommend giving it a try. For future projects I have bookmarked it. I think it will come in really handy over the coming years as we tackle our family home project!

Why not go to the Bidvine Website and give it a try?  Let me know in the comment how you got on. 





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  1. 17th January 2017 / 10:06 pm

    Bidvine is awesome, we are on the other side of it, as a tradesperson, and we have nothing but good things to say about it!!

    So excited for you to be moving back to London, I look forward to seeing some pics of your new home!! Xx

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