Quack and Field – #monkeybookreview

Quack and Field – #monkeybookreview

This week we reviewed Quack and Field. We are huge book fans!  The kids love reading and they loved these books.

Quack and Field Review – Premise

Rob Foster writes the Quack and Field series.  Rob’s aim is to inspire children to get involved with sports.  To do this he has created some fun books to stimulate interest and interaction with children.

We reviewed two books from the series which have just been released; Swimming and Trampolining.

Both books centre on a competition, reminiscent of the Olympics.

At the Dog House Arena, competitors (including Duke the dog and Marvin the monkey) are hoping to scoop the Gold medal. The book follows each characters attempts to win, with funny consequences.

The cover of Quack and Field, a duck on a blue background.

Twin Thoughts

The boys loved these books, especially the trampolining one.  The boys giggled as we followed the characters journeys and they compete with one another.

They both loved Marvin the monkey and thought it was funny that he was taking in part in the trampoline event and eating a banana!

The boys loved that one of the books focused on trampolining. They were talking about the books when we were jumping on the trampolines at soft play yesterday and they shouted “it is just like the book mum!!!”

Bob D: “These books were good.  It was really funny because there was a monkey eating a banana and that made me smile.  I liked the swimming pool, I liked it when the dog dived under water.”

Bob L: “They were great, I loved the penguin in the water fountain that was funny. I liked the swimming one as well, I want to read it again and again.”

One of the pages from the trampolining book from Quack and Field

My Thoughts

I love the idea behind the Quack and Field books. I think it is a great idea to encourage kids to take part in sports and this book delivers that, along with giggles along the way.  Rob has managed to make the books fun and entertaining, while getting the message across to his young readers that sport is fun and enjoyable.

I will definitely be looking out for more titles in the future of Quack and Field.  We await the next instalment ‘Wheelchair Rugby’!

The cover of Quack and Field - Trampolining. Duck on a yellow background.









  1. 11th January 2017 / 12:40 am

    Sounds like a fun children’s book! Great way to get children interested in sports.

  2. 10th January 2017 / 4:53 pm

    These look funny – I can’t resist a pun. And you don’t see many childrens’ books inspired by sports, do you?

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