How to Fund a Death Star — A Real One!

How to Fund a Death Star — A Real One!

Have you ever wondered what it would take to fund a death star?

Star Wars – the boys are obsessed with it. By that I mean all three of them – even the big one (aka Daddy!).

Anytime they meet anyone the first thing they ask is “who is your favourite star wars character”. They dressed up as Anakin Skywalker and Darth Maul for halloween.

When we move house next year they have asked for a Star Wars bedroom.

And, guess what they have asked for Christmas? You guessed it – everything related to Star Wars! Star Wars lego, Yoda, Darth Vader, Star Wars PJ’s. I think you get the idea.

Daddy is also super excited about the new film just realised. He is hoping, I think, to get to see it over Christmas. I have to admit I am pretty keen to see it too! I have heard nothing but brilliant reviews.

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In the spirit of Star Wars, the team over at Russell Smith Chartered Accountants created this snazzy infographic all about how to fund a Death Star!

An infographic on buying a Death Star from a Chartered Accountant's point of view

The Galactic Tax Returns: How Tax Helped Build the Death Star [Infographic] infographic was brought to you by the team at Russell Smith Chartered Accountants.

I’ll leave it to the guys over at RSCA to explain what inspired them to create this fun little infographic.

Discovering How to Fund a Death Star

As it turns out, it would be pretty expensive to build a Death Star. Who knew?

A couple years back, the American people — a small portion of the American people, mind — petitioned the United States government with a request: Build a Death Star.

The petition, unsurprisingly, didn’t get very far. However, it did prompt a wave of experts and Star Wars enthusiasts to come out with theories and ideas on how humanity could potentially build the greatest power in the universe.

It didn’t take long for researchers to outline the cost of the building such a super-weapon, totalling a whopping $852 quadrillion dollars; a figure that works out to be about 13,000 higher than the GDP of planet Earth.

While that figure seems other-worldly. So far out of reach of our little blue planet, it did beg the question: Even in a galaxy far, far away, could anyone afford to fund a Death Star?

We couldn’t let this question go unanswered!

Star Wars Tax and the Death Star: It’s All About the Numbers

As tax accountants, we knew the only way something like a Death Star would get built was with extreme amounts of public spending.

Hold onto your hats. This is about to get wild!

Despite the reams and reams of expanded universe Star Wars material — books, comics, encyclopedias, games, TV shows and movies — outside the cinematic movie saga, you might be surprised to learn that tax isn’t a subject often covered. We certainly were!

Our look behind the scenes revealed only tidbits on Star Wars tax, including that the Imperial Empire did indeed tax its people, doing so through the Imperial Taxation Bureau.

We aren’t ones to give up, though, so we went back to the drawing board.

After some umming, some arring, and plenty of tea, we decided that we may never know the exact numbers. But we could take a darn good guess at how Star Wars tax and economy worked.

With Earth as inspiration, we looked at all aspects of how global economics works, from tax and GDP to average income. With our little planet as our guide, we took real situations and applied them to George Lucas’ wonderful, fictional world.

Our end result was pretty clear. If the Star Wars world follows similar economic and tax rules as our own — which it appears to do — a Death Star would be easily affordable.

Don’t worry, though; you won’t be seeing one flying over your house any time soon.


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