#capturingtheday is a new hashtag community run by Double the Monkey Business and Life is Knutts.  To see the original post visit here.

We are on week 2 and we now have over 200 photos linked up to #capturingtheday!  It has been so much fun seeing what everyone has been up to and we are loving that so many people have joined in the fun!  Thanks to everyone who tagged us.

So without further ado, here is our featured photos this week…

Week 2 – My Favourites

My top four this week, is a selection of sweet and incredibly cute!  The first photo of the four is definitely a recipe I want to try out, however I suspect it would not look anywhere near as good as this!  The other three photos are just so simple and capture childhood so beautifully!

Four photos: 1. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cake, drizzled in chocolate sauce. 2. a baby lies on a yellow mat, wearing a aqua baby grow and looking straight at the camera. 2. A little boy rides down the road on a scooter (wearing a jeans and a blue jumper). 3. A little girl sits on grass in rainbow coloured fair wings and a tutu. Week 2 on #capturingtheday

From top left (clockwise):

  1. The Culinary Jumble: Blog & Instagram
  2. The Mummy Stylist: Blog & Instagram
  3. Hot Pink Wellingtons: Blog & Instagram
  4. Have Kids Will Travel UK: Instagram

Week 2 – Gemma’s favourites

To see what Gemma had to say this week, check out her post here.

Four Photos: 1. A little girl with blond hair and a cream cardigan does a cheesy grin for the camera. 2. A little girl and grandma cuddle and smile as they read a book together. 3. A mum and daughter lie on the ground and take a selfie with huge grins. 4. a little girl in fair wings looks into house covered in leaves with a tree to the side.

From top left (clockwise):

  1. The Don’t Want to be Working Mum: Blog & Instagram
  2. Have Kids Will Travel UK: Instagram
  3. Dear Bear and Beany: Blog & Instagram
  4. Little Hearts Big Love: Blog & Instagram

Thanks so much to everyone that tagged us, it was very hard to pick the favourites of the week.


I really loved this photo from Life is Knutts, a sleeping toddler so peaceful and innocent:


 How to join in

If you are discovering this hashtag for the first time, it is easy to take part.

We want to see a selection of photos, regardless of the topic! So tag #capturingtheday – we want to see variety!

We didn’t want a hashtag that just represented one niche because we want to see them all!  You don’t have to be a blogger to take part, everyone is welcome!

It is so easy to join, next time you post a photo tag us using: #capturingtheday.

Our Promise

Every Sunday we will do a blog post and every week we will feature our eight favourite photos – four each.

These featured images will also appear on our Instagram account with a tag back to your account.

So what are you waiting for?  Join us as we are #capturingtheday.  

Help us spread the word! We want everyone to join in!

I hope you all have a great week, we can’t wait to see all your fabulous photographs for week 3!




  1. 27th September 2016 / 2:54 pm

    I’m so happy that I ran across your post! I forgot to add an image this week! Rectifying that ASAP! I love this idea and seeing what other bloggers are up to. I don’t have small children, so I won’t be featuring the cute images as seen above, but it will help me remember to be more present in my day! Thanks!

  2. 18th September 2016 / 11:44 am

    Oh my gosh! How have I had my head so stuck in a hole that I’ve missed this bit of awesomeness! I love this idea and can’t wait to join. You and Gemma are utterly brilliant!

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