Haste Ye Back! Our trip to Scotland

Haste Ye Back! Our trip to Scotland

Scotland: no matter how many years pass that I don’t live there, I will always call it home.  Even though I have not lived there for 13 years!

I still have family that live there and I try to take the monkey’s back whenever money and holidays allow.

A Good Knees Up

There is no better excuse to return to the homeland that a good old party.  This time we had the excuse of a party and a wedding!  Double the excuse.

So, two weeks ago we packed bags and made our way to the airport.

You will be glad to know that this time we remembered our passports!

The flight was fairly problem free, a miracle for us to be honest.  The boys loved looking at the airplanes as they took off and landed.

The boys loved the plane and loved that Grandad monkey was there to meet us.  We were seriously impressed with the TV screens in Glasgow airport.  After you get off the plane you can see who is waiting for you.  This just added to the excitement as you can imagine.

It wasn’t long until we were at my parents house, and were enjoying some rays of sunshine in my parents back garden.

At the risk of going off on a tangent, I have to tell you my parents garden is spectacular.  If you want to see some examples head over to our Instagram page.

Scotland Wedding

After a day of relaxing, eating and getting my haircut, we were soon getting ready for the wedding, which was one of the reasons for the trip to Scotland.

We had a lovely time on the day, the kids enjoyed meeting everyone and dancing.  They especially loved that they got to stay up late!

A Week of Fun

For the rest of the weeks holiday we had so many fun activities lined up for our Scotland trip.

On the Sunday we went to Wellsfield Farm, near Stirling.  This is such a fab place, with loads to do for kids.  I am not going to talk about it to much on this post, mainly because it is worthy of its own post.  So look out for that on the blog towards the end of the month.

Waiting for our pony ride 🙂 x

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One of the best days we had on our holiday, was our visit to the Time Capsule and the Glasgow Transport Museum.

The boys loved the Time Capsule.  For those that don’t know it is a swimming pool near Glasgow.  There are plenty of slides, river rapids and a wave machine to keep everyone happy.

The transport museum was a huge hit and everyone loved it.  We were pleasantly surprised with the huge selection in the museum, so much to see!  I loved the recreated victorian street that you could walk down, I always love stuff like that.

L loves zebras! He was thrilled to find this in the Glasgow transport museum

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The Kelpies

I have posted a photo of the impressive Kelpies on my Instagram account, and I have had a few people ask what they were.

They are impressive structures that you can walk around, and we were lucky enough to enjoy it on a sunny day.  There were lovely places to have coffee and/or ice-cream all around and the park a few minutes walk away was a huge hit.


I was really lucky to get a child-free night out with one of closest friends when we were away.  I got the train through to Edinburgh and we enjoyed a lovely meal.

August is a great time of year to be in Edinburgh, as the festival takes place.  The atmosphere is fantastic!

We found a lovely square which has a small lake in the middle, we enjoyed a glass of wine from the pop up bars around the square.  I would recommend going to Edinburgh at any time, but especially at this time of year.  If you can get tickets to the Tattoo display at the castle, even better!

A lovely evening out last night with one of the best people I know :). Edinburgh was lit up for the festival.

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The last day of the holiday saw us attend a birthday birthday party.  Auntie Lou Lou is a huge hit with the boys and we loved being able to celebrate with everyone !


When it was time to go home, I had to take on the challenge of travelling solo with the kids.  It all went surprisingly well – the boys were so well behaved.

At the airport and travelling with the monkeys on my own for the first time. Wish me luck! Boys currently plane spotting and waiting for pizza!

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We had such a great time in Scotland.  If you are ever visiting that way, I would recommend trying out some of the places mentioned above.




    • Double the Monkey Business
      6th September 2016 / 6:56 pm

      It was such a lovely week and we were lucky to enjoy sunny weather as well. It is a beautiful place x

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