Summer Holiday – Week Two with Monkeys

Summer Holiday – Week Two with Monkeys

So what did we get up to in week two with the monkeys, I hear you cry?

The week started off with excited boys going to pick their big cousins up from the airport! The monkeys have loved spending time with their cousins.

It was my nieces birthday mid-week.  Unfortunately I had to pop into work first thing. I am on the radio on a Wednesday, so once that was complete I could join in the fun.

In the afternoon we went along to the swimming pool.   We went to one a little bit further away, as they have better slides for the adults.  When we arrived the Olympic diving had obviously inspired some people as the crowds gathered to watch people diving (or more accurately belly flopping) into the pool.

We got closer to watch the action.  Then we realised there was a little boy – who must only have been 6 or 7 – up on the highest diving board.  People were cheering him on but he had frozen. He was there for a long time before he decided it wasn’t for him.  The mummy in me wanted to go up and give him a huge cuddle.

The rest of the afternoon flew by in a flurry of waves, bubble pools and river rapids!

After this we ventured into town and had the biggest pizza’s I have ever seen.  They were delicious.  We were all surprised by how easily the two monkeys devoured one pizza between them.  We followed it up with an ice-cream treat to finish the day off.

Big bit of pizza for a little guy! X

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Wednesday was also ‘rainbow’ day. When we left the restaurant it started raining, so Daddy ran off to get the car so he could pick us all up.  When he retuned we noticed a fantastic rainbow.  The boys were convinced Daddy created the rainbow during his trip to get the car.  Something which he was pretty pleased about.  Only problem is, now the boys keep asking him to do it again, something he is finding quite difficult!!!

So what other things have we been up to?

Well we managed to get to the animal park one day for a little while.  It wasn’t the best weather (in other words it was drizzly rain the whole time), but we did manage to make it for the bears getting fed which was exciting.

Highlight of the Tierpark, the Bear!

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We went out for a fab brunch on Saturday, followed by a trip to a flea market afterwards.

Movie Park

However Sunday was the big day.  We went to Movie Park, it was even better than I could ever imagine.  It was very much a German equivalent to Universal Studios and, although not cheap, is a great day out.  The park is split into sections, including Nickelodeon Land, the Wild West and a recreated American high street.  The boys eyes were wide with wonder as we entered Nickelodeon Land, and it didn’t take them long to spot the ninja turtles ride.

The monkeys are new to the turtles, but they love them as most boys do.  They were even more sold on the turtles when daddy said he loved them when he was a boy, the boys response was ‘cool’ (a favourite word for them at the moment, along of course, with ‘why’).

Anyway, the boys were thrilled to drive go-carts round the ninja turtles street. 

They excitedly went from ride to ride.

However D’s favourite was the dodgems, he screeched with delight as he bumped into people.

The highlight of the day was the parade.  This started with a selection of ‘movie style’ cars but then the real fun began when some well known characters walked past.  The first one of note to our monkeys, was Chase from Paw Patrol.  The boys love Paw Patrol and they stared in disbelief as he walked past.  L was actually shaking and D held his head in his hands, mouth wide open in amazement.   Just when we thought you could not get any better, two of the ninja turtles walked past – don’t ask me which ones as I have no idea, although I imagine the boys would know.  As they walked past they one of them high-fived both boys.

This is the stuff of dreams really, some of your favourite characters right there in front of you.

I will never ever forget the look on their faces!

The rest of the days were spent wandering around the park, soaking in the fun atmosphere and the big kids going on some rides.  For anyone following me on Instagram, you may have seen the ride that my husband was threatening to try out, on my Instagram stories.  Well I can report that he did try it out, accompanied by my two nieces.   I on the other hand had to graciously stay behind to look after the monkeys – translated as being a big scaredy cat!

We finished the day with a trip to the gift shop.  The boys picked a Paw Patrol toy each but this was a tough call!!  They found it difficult to decide.  However, this was a bit of a bonus for me as I now have loads of birthday pressie ideas for next month!

After a long and sunny day – where I forgot to put sunscreen on myself and burnt my shoulders – we made the long trip home, one which was a lot longer than expected due to bad traffic.

So that was our week, we are halfway through the summer holiday now and the boys have been having a ball.

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On Thursday, we are running away to my Mums for the last week.  For those that may have missed it, I have had my third post published with Meet other Mums which is on this subject.  Would love you to check it out here….

If you are wondering about my blogging plan over the summer holiday, then please see this post here.  We are on a bit of a break at the moment, normal service will resume next week



  1. 20th August 2016 / 9:56 pm

    What a fun week! My heart went out to the little boy on the diving board, bless him! I love how happy they were to see the ninja turtles. Have a lovely time at your mums x

  2. 19th August 2016 / 8:06 pm

    Sounds like you have all had a brilliant week! It’s always nice when family come over to visit and you do new and exciting things together! I want to see this right that your husband went on… I love rights 🙂 xxx

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