Guest Post: Blogger Spotlight – My Random Musings

Guest Post: Blogger Spotlight – My Random Musings

Guest Post

For those that regularly read my blog, I am sure you will have heard me mention Debbie at My Random Musings before.  If you don’t know her, this is what her blog is about in her own words:

“This blog is my little place to write my random musings as the title implies; thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, rants, raves, discussions, debates, pretty much the works. A place to write about anything from my deepest thoughts to light hearted stories from my daily life, anything goes.”

She started me on the road to the A to Z challenge, which completely changed my blogging outlook, as well as the author to Twisted Tales which I reviewed last month.

Debbie recently started a guest series where she interviews new bloggers.  Today – you guessed it – she interviews me!

In the interview we talk about all things blogging.  Why I started blogging, what my goals are etc….

So please pop over to her blog to read what I have to say and say hello to the wonderful Debbie.

Guest Post

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If, like me, you enjoy her blog then you can find her being social here:








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