My Dad

My Dad

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It is UK Father’s day today and I am very lucky to call an incredible man my Dad.

I have always known that I was a much wanted baby and my parents have always shown me kindness, love and affection.

My Dad has always supported me through good times and bad.  He has been a sensible voice to counteract my whirling brain when times are bad.  Always the voice of reason, in an incredibly reassuring way.

When I was small, my Dad was always very calm.  I only remember him telling me off properly once, and I am going to be honest with you I definitely deserved it.

Here are just a few memories I have of my Dad:

  • Every night my Dad would sing me ‘follow the yellow brick road’ as I went to bed, I loved the film and I had red slippers.  Up the stairs we would trot while he sang to me…
  • My Dad is a huge football fan and we spent many Saturdays watching our local team while my mum worked.  I always got a pie 🙂
  • My Dad taught me to ride my bike without stabilisers.  From what I am told, there was an important football match on that day (European Cup, Everton won I am reliably informed) and he was determined not to miss it.  Not wanting to let me down though, he taught me to ride my bike in no time.  He said that he always remembers watching the footie and proudly seeing me cycle past the living room window every two minutes.
  • He helped me with my homework when I was at school, supported me when I found things tough.
  • When I moved out and bought a home of my own, my parents came to help.  One day when I was at work, they transformed the garden.  I mean completely transformed, in a DIY SOS kind of way.
  • When I had my boys, my parents were on the first train to London.   The way my Dad is with my boys, reminds me of all the fun times I had when I was younger.  In particular, when he reads books to my children.  He always says them in a way that brings the books alive!  Takes me right back to my childhood.

These are just a small selection of the incredible memories I have with my Dad.  I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Happy Father’s Day!

Love you to the moon and back






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