Preeclampsia: Maternal Mental Health

Preeclampsia: Maternal Mental Health

Preeclampsia and Maternal Mental Health

Today we are discussing maternal mental health. Research suggests that women who have experience a traumatic pregnancy, such as preeclampsia have four to ten times the risk of screening positive for post-traumatic stress disorder.  Additionally, they are at an increased risk for postpartum depression and anxiety.

Mental Health Infographic


For patients who have experienced seizures, liver failure, premature delivery, the loss of their baby, or a sudden turn of bad health caused by hypertension during pregnancy, it might seem obvious that women are left feeling depressed, scared and lonely.

It is important that ALL voices are heard and that their experiences are understood to help other patients through their own traumatic pregnancy experience.

This week the Preeclampsia Foundation are focusing on mental health.  This is something which is incredibly close to my heart, after being diagnosed with PTSD.

To find out more, please visit the Preeclampsia Foundation website.



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