Yvonne (Y)

Yvonne (Y)

For those that don’t know, my name is Yvonne.  As today is ‘Y’ day on the A to Z challenge, I thought it would be a good idea to look up what my name actually means.

  • Usage: French, English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.
  • Pronounced (apparently): ee-VON (French), i-VAWN (English), ee-VAWN (German).
  • French feminine form of YVON. It has been regularly used in the English-speaking world since the late 19th century.
  • Meaning: Yew; archer.  Hmmm, not quite sure how that gives my name a meaning. Does it mean I am like a tree? I am not really sure.

As you will have noticed, my name is spelt Yvonne.  However, I have known some great variations. To date these have included; Avon, Evonne, Evon and Ivan.

Just for fun, I also looked up my name on the Urban Dictionary.  I don’t want to repeat all of what was said on my blog because it’s rude.  Feel free to look up the full version.  The unsweary version is here.

Latina , Sexy Girl, Great Role Model. 
A Fly, Crazy, Fresh, Princess, Beautiful, Gangster, Diva, Fun, Irritating, Badass, Playertastic, Indescribable; Young lady who always looks her best.Not many can handle her. But always wanna try. 
Someone who is talked about, on a regular basis. She knows what she deserves and won’t settle for anything less.Most often misunderstood.

She is bold and is capable of anything. Regardless of her bold nature, she is often secretive, but is always observing behind her withdrawn manner.

She can be argumentative and pack a powerful sting, but that’s simply because she see all opposition as a healthy challenge.

 The word Yvonne on a snow background

Did you just do an Yvonne??

Caring and secretive Yvonne.

Be bold like Yvonne.

Right then…
My question is “Did you just do an Yvonne”?    I don’t even know what that is meant to mean!!! 
 Reflecting on my name - Yvonne. What does it mean?