Kindness and Money – 30 DBC

Kindness and Money – 30 DBC

Day 19 (WHOOP! WHOOP!)

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Discuss your views on religion

This is a tricky one!  I hope my opinions don’t offend anyone…


When I was young, I very much believed in God.  I went to Sunday School and bought into it completely.  I thought when it rained it meant God was crying and I used to ask my parents some complicated questions around religion.

Unfortunately, as I have grown older, I fear I have seen too much to retain that faith.  I find it hard to believe there is a God when I turn on the news and see bad things every day: terrorist attacks, planes disappearing, helicopters crashing, earthquakes, tsunamis… people suffering unimaginable pain and distress.  I have seen, in my personal life, some wonderful and good people suffer unnecessarily. I have asked myself time and time again: how can that be fair?  If there is a God, how could he let that happen; or worse still, make it happen?

Do I believe in an afterlife at all?  Yes I do. I just don’t know what that afterlife looks like.  I have seen a ghost, it was as real as you and me, so there is no way I could entirely discount the concept of an afterlife.  I have also had readings from a psychic, who told me things that she could never know.  It was all far too accurate.   That said, she did tell me I was going to have a baby girl at some point, so I don’t think everything she said was entirely correct!

With all this said I no longer believe one, or many, Gods are running the show.

So what else do I believe?  I believe that we should live and let live.  I really don’t care about your sexual preference, the colour your skin or your religion.  I just care if you are kind, caring and you are not a pillock.  Being able to join in with some fun and have a laugh along the way helps…

I do believe in Karma.  In a big way.  I have seen it play out many times, both with others and myself.  I tried to explain Karma to a three-year-old yesterday, suffice to say that was confusing!!!

I also believe; what is for you, won’t go by you.  Somethings are pre-destined in this world based on the choices we make.  Sometimes we have to just pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down and get on with things.  Although this is easier said than done and sometimes we need additional help (see Is This Therapy).

So where does that put me in terms of belief? I guess if you had to put me in a box (I hate putting people in boxes), I would go for Humanist over anything else.  I believe firmly in equality and compassion.  The mantra that I say to the boys every day is: Be Kind, Always Be Kind.


30 Day Blogging Challenge

If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

What would I do.  Well I would love to say I would blow it all on holidays but I know that I am too sensible for that. Then I realised that this title says a million dollars.  So I thought I would look that up to see how much that is over my side of the pond:

  • 706,738.78  GBP
  • 894,734.51  Euros

Without meaning to sound out of touch, in this day and age, that isn’t a huge sum of money.  I would definitely pay off my mortgage first, go on holiday and would donate some to charity or family/friends who needed help and put some into savings.  To be honest, I think that would be it.  The money wouldn’t stretch much further than that.

A mortgage free life, when you are in your thirties, would be great though, wouldn’t it?


Sorry, this is another double post due to poorly children…



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